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Parish Coronavirus Update

Click here to download the latest in full from Fr Philip (1st DECEMBER 2020)

We are beginning to reopen the church in small and well-controlled steps.

10am Sunday Divine Liturgy BY APPOINTMENT as of 1st November 2020.

I know that different people have different opinions about how dangerous this virus is – or even if it exists at all.

What each of us thinks is not relevant to this process.

We will gradually re-open (and perhaps close again) based entirely on the official safety-advice of doing so.

Church Instructions:

  1. You must register your name with Father Philip, 07969 332740,, or in person if you want to celebrate the Divine Liturgy in the Church starting from August 9th. The first 18 names will be taken: any in excess will be added to the list for the following week. If you are not on that list, you will not be able to attend. A register system of all those present will be created and administered strictly to facilitate the NHS Test and Trace service. You may, therefore, have to tell the authorities who you have been with if we are identified as a source of this virus.
  2. The Church can be attended only by people who:

    do not have COVID-19 symptoms.
    are not vulnerable people.
    do not have an underlying health risk.
  3. You are to maintain a 2-metre social distance between households, and please don’t be offended if other people try to maintain a 2 m gap as this is the recommended distancing measure.
  4. The toilets in the church will remain closed.
  5. You must wear a face mask/face cover when in the church, it prevents the transmission of the virus. It is also a legal requirement, which if infringed, may cause you in getting a fine.
  6. Only sit in the designated area marked with a green tick, which ensures social distancing rules.
  7. You cannot light a candle, but you can pray in front of the ones already lit.
  8. The live broadcasting of the Sunday and major Feast services will be continued on Youtube.
  9. There will be no refreshments or coffee after the Divine Liturgy.
  10. Antidoron will be given at the end of the service. Strict hygiene standards will be observed, and the piece of bread will be given by a person who has washed hands thoroughly, for at least 20 seconds, and wears gloves: the bread will be dropped into each person’s hand inside a plastic bag.
  11. You can give the names for the commemoration of the living and departed to Father Philip for commemoration at the Divine Liturgy.
  12. There will be no singing and only one server.
  13. There is a strict ONE-WAY system.
  14. We will not be serving Matins so the service will begin with the Divine Liturgy.


Fr. Philip will be coming to the Church from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday evening, (this is slightly longer than before) and you can still make appointments to see him then.

Your prayers! God bless you!
With my love and prayers,
Fr. Philip.

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