Parish Coronavirus Update

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The Metropolitan has given the order that we should follow the Patriarchal advice and severely limit the numbers of people coming to church over the next few weeks and possibly for several months.

This means that we have a blessing for Liturgies to take place with a priest, a server and one cantor and NO ONE ELSE. This means that the temple remains a place of prayer and the sacraments and that you will know that the prayers are being offered on your behalf for your preservation, blessing, furtherance and health.

It also means that you will have to pray at home. I’m going to find a way to “live stream” services from the monastery and the Church in Lincoln so that you can join in (in some way at least!) with these services.

I will be in Lincoln, as normal, from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday night. It may be that we can find ways of letting you receive Communion in a way that is safe during that time. (Rather like what happens in Greece and Lebanon on Holy Thursday.)

It may be that I am also LOCKED DOWN in Shropshire – in which case we will live with that.
I need to find out how to do this safely.

Meanwhile there are things you can do:

• PRAY OF COURSE! Especially for those who are working hard to limit this disease and seek vaccines and for those whose work brings them into danger.
• HELP those in need.
• PHONE your friends and family and keep an eye on your neighbours.
• MAKE sure that you are not a source of infection for others.
• REFRAIN from panic buying or any sort of panic.
• FOLLOW Government guidelines (at least – it may be wise to be overcautious). This is especially important if you are told to “self-isolate”.
• WATCH the Liturgy on your computer, smart phone, tablet, TV: (Greek) (Fr. Philip) (Russian) (English from USA) (probably!) (Russian)

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