Fr Philip usually records one sermon per week, and for the Great Feasts.  Here are some of those most recently published.

You can visit Fr Philip’s Youtube channel by clicking here. (Or visit the very old channel here.)

2017 06 25 Clothing. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Priceless fashion. Yours for the asking. Matthew 6: 22-33

2017 06 18 Following Christ. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Who follows Christ and who stays behind? Matthew 4: 18-23

2017 06 11 Looking to Jesus the Author and Perfecter of our Faith. Orthodox teaching Sermon.

How to become a saint: focus on Jesus Christ. Hebrews 11:33-12:2, Matthew 10: 32-38, 19:27-30

2017 06 05 Pentecost. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Streams of Living Water, giving Glory to Christ. Acts 2 :1-11, John 7:37-52

2017 05 25 Ascension. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Luke shows us that the Lord is real - not imagined - flesh and bones, the disciples can handle him and he can eat with them. Acts 1: 1-12, Luke 24: 36-53.