Fr Philip usually records one sermon per week, and for the Great Feasts.  Here are some of those most recently published.

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2017 05 25 Ascension. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Luke shows us that the Lord is real - not imagined - flesh and bones, the disciples can handle him and he can eat with them. Acts 1: 1-12, Luke 24: 36-53.

2017 05 23 This I know... Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Sunday of the Blind man: he didn't know much but he told them what he knew anyway. John 9:1-38

2017 04 23 The Resurrection and the Apostle Thomas. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Make the Resurrection your own. The Apostle Thomas wanted to put his hand into Christ - you must put Him on.

2017 04 02 Uphill struggle, confused, afraid, alone ... The Apostles were. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Mark 10: 32-45: The disciples were following the Lord, but he had gone on up ahead. They were heading for Jerusalem where bad things awaited them. Meanwhile they were amazed and afraid. Sound familiar?

2017 03 12 Act Now! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The Paralysed man's friends didn't hesitate to bring him to the feet of the Saviour. Don't hesitate to bring yourself to Him either. Don't neglect so great a salvation. Hebrews 1:10 -2:3, Mark 2: 1-12.