For many people, Orthodoxy seems very peculiar and foreign. In many ways it is above and beyond the ‘normal’ and ‘Christian’ experiences found in the UK. However, The Orthodox Church is fully Christian in the broadest possible way. We were at the very birth of the Universal Church in 33AD, and we have remained faithful to the original revelation of God in Jesus Christ ever since.

Our articles cover some of the basic beliefs and practices of the Orthodox Church. Pick a title that interests you and have a read!

A Secret Lent

29th January 2018

Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing...

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God Made Flesh

24th December 2017

He who is uncreated entered creation, and as He did so, gave the potential for creation to become divine...

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Prayer III – Praying with the Body

7th December 2017

Noise is not only audible, it's interior too...

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Not-So-Simple Forgiveness

20th October 2017

It's easy to forgive others for things about which we don't really care. It's when someone hurts us that's when real forgiveness is needed...

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Prayer II – Lord Have Mercy

7th October 2017

What possible words can we say in the Presence of Almighty God?...

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Prayer I – Beginning to Pray

1st October 2017

Even the greatest saints admit that they are only just beginners in prayer...

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Four Big Questions

29th August 2017

Countless people from countless religions and none have attempted to answer the question, who is Jesus?...

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The Dormition Fast

1st August 2017

The Great Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos takes place each year on 15th August. It is upon this day that the Church remembers...

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