An Extended Move

It has taken the best part of 10 days for Archimandrite Philip to move into the monastery at Gatten, and it’s still not over! Accompanied by Brother Chad and Brother Deiniol, Fr Philip is still moving furniture, unpacking boxes, cleaning and rearranging rooms and organising buildings… whilst slowly introducing the full programme of services.

The move has not been an easy one. Alongside torrential rain, and the consequential mires of mud on the farm track leading up to the monastery, we have suffered injuries, a fall from a ladder, sore muscles and a written-off car! But God is good, and we find ourselves in one of the most beautiful wildness areas in the British Isles, where we have been graced with the honour of offering our entire selves to Our Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ as monastics.

The night sky over the Monastery of St Antony and St Cuthbert ranges from the darkest depth of unending black where one is completely blind, to a the most brilliant display of moonlight and stars. On a completely clear night there is no light pollution, making the stars shine so brightly that the milky way is even visible. At night the monastery is shrouded in such a perfect silence. One only reaslises after a moment that the quiet thumping noise is the beating of one’s heart.

Before dawn the rhythm of the samantron sounds out across the valley, calling the monastics to the morning services. The chapel is dimly lit with just a few candles, but the frescoed walls become slowly visible as the sun rises towards the end of Matins. The reverse happens at the end of the day: the sun sets at this time of year to almost perfectly coincide with the Vesperal lamp-lighting and the singing of  the ‘O Gladsome Light’.

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Please pray for us!
Brother Chad

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