2020 02 16 The Prodigal Son. Luke 15: 11-32 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

There are two feasts in this parable: one organised by the son and another by the father.

2020 02 09 The Pharisee and Publican. Luke 18:10-14. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

God is the god of the repentant.

2020 02 02 Your Death. Luke 2: 22-40 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Although you may look forward to your own death with fear and trembling remember the witness of St. Simeon: Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, ...

2020 01 26 Do Not Neglect the Gift you Have. 1 Timothy 4: 9-15 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Timothy was a skilled reader, preacher and teacher. St Paul told him to devote himself to his gifts. What about your gifts?

2020 01 19 Christ who is our Life... Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Colossians 3: 4-11 , Luke 17: 12 - 19

Our sins and passions make us Leprous. With Christ as our Life we are healed of all this and turn to Him in praise and thanksgiving.

2020 01 12 Being and Telling the Truth. Matthew 4: 12-17 Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

John the Forerunner told the Truth and the Lord is the Truth.

2020 01 05 Fulfill your Ministry. 2 Timothy 4: 5-8 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Paul reminds St. Timothy of the ministry we all have to fulfill.

2019 12 29 Christ the Career Wrecker! Galatians 1:11-19, Matthew 2:13 - 23 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

You want a nice secure, well paid career? Listen on...

2019 12 25 Christ is Born! Matthew 2: 1-12, Galatians 4: 4-7 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

That we may receive adoption... an heir of God through Christ!

2019 12 22 Ephratha, prepare thyself. Matthew 1: 1-25 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

THE FOREFEAST OF THE NATIVITY Be thou ready, Bethlehem, Eden hath opened unto all. Ephratha, prepare thyself, for now, behold, the Tree of Life hath ...

2019 12 15 Ashamed of Christ? Orthodox Teaching Sermon 1 Timothy 1:8-14

The destroyer of death. 1 Timothy 1:8-14.

2019 12 The Orthodox Christian Church in Lincoln

This is a tour of an Orthodox Church. It is a basic tour. I will make others for those who want to know what each bit is for another time. Your prayers! God bless ...

2019 12 08 Breaking the rules Luke 13: 10-17 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

There is always someone who knows exactly how to live the Christian life and has encyclopaedic knowledge of the minutiae of everything (including the ...

2012 When God turns round. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Shut up or scream louder? That was the choice. Ephesians 2: 14-22 Luke 18: 35-43

2019 11 17 When God says "You fool!"

What are you doing with the wealth that God had given you?

2019 11 10 How much does God love you then?

Love God with all your heart, all your soul and with all your strength and your neighbour as is he was you... how?

2019 11 03 God cannot possibly make use of me or save me! Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Oh yes He can!

2019 10 27 Fed by God.

The Lord directs that the previously dead child be fed something to eat. We also need to be fed.

2019 10 20 The Lord turns your life upside down.

When the Lord turns your life upside down you have two choices: be resurrected or tell Him to go away. Luke 8: 26-39 ...

2019 10 06 Receiving the Grace of God in Vain

Don't relax: strive forward and fly with the Grace of God.

2019 09 29 Love your enemies? You're kidding! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

But if you do love your enemies you will be a son or daughter of the Most High. Luke 6: 31-36

2019 09 22 Preparing the Nets. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The Apostles were ready to act when the Lord had need of them. Are you? Luke 5: 1-11.

2019 09 15 Because He loves you. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

God loves loves you: that's why He did it. Galatians 2: 16-20.

2019 09 08 God forbid! Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Paul says "God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ..." Galatians 6: 11-18 ...

2019 09 01 Dangerous stuff. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

So how are you doing? Preaching? Healing? Releasing captives? Giving sight? Setting the oppressed free? Luke 4: 16-22 ...

2019 08 25 Storm in the head? Bring him here to me!

The young lad is brought to the Lord and the storm in his head is calmed.

2019 08 18 Storm? Waves? Dark? Orthodox Teaching sermon.

And into all of that St. Peter steps. Matthew 14: 22-34

2019 08 11 Everyday Missionary. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The Apostles came to the Lord to ask Him to solve the situation. He turned the problem back on them! Matthew 14: 14 -22 ...

2019 08 04 Here, there, everywhere. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

There is lots of movement in the Gospel. Matthew 9: 27- 35.

2019 07 28 Spiritual Gifts. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

God has given us all Spiritual Gifts! So use them! Romans 12: 6-14.

2019 July Monastery: Nice healthy young fox.

In St. Columba's Wood, The Monastery, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ

2019 July Monastery: Muntjac Buck

In St. Columba's Wood, The Monastery, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ

2019 July Monastery: Fox in the woods

In St. Columba's Wood, The Monastery, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ

2019 July Monastery: Muntjac buck.

In St. Columba's Wood, The Monastery, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ

2019 07 21 So Close

He is in your mouth and in your heart. Romans 10: 1 - 10.

2019 07 14 Slavery. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

What sort of slave are you?. Romans 6: 18-23 Matthew 8: 5-13.

2019 07 07 Ambition. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Matthew 6: 22-33 Orthodox Monastery, Gatten, Pontesbury, Shropshire. U.K. All Saints of Lincolnshire, ...

2019 06 30 Labourers needed. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Don't apply within. You already have the job! Matthew 9: 36- 10: 8, 16: 3-19.

2019 06 23 Your turn! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Crucified, skinned alive, boiled to death, ridiculed. Your turn! Matthew 10: 32-38, 19:27-30.

2019 06 16 Everywhere present. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The Holy Spirit.

2019 06 09 What's the point? Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

All this stuff! What's the point of it all? John 17: 1-13

2019 06 02 No Eyes? No Problem!

Recent weeks have seen the healing of soul and body, the healing of soul and now the healing of body. What happened next in each case? So what about you?

2019 05 26 Running into Town. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Astonished by what she finds out she cannot wait to tell others. So what do we do?

2019 05 19 No Man, not a splash! Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Who needs a man? We all need the God-Man. John 5: 1-15.

2019 05 12 Your turn! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The Myrrh bearing women, the Aristocratic burial party, the foreign sounding servants (deacons) all had the same thing in common. Mark 15: 43-16: 8, Acts 6: 1-7 ...

St Melangell's Valley, St. Antony and Cuthbert Monastery

The rushing sound is the waterfall nearby.

St Caedman's Wood, St Antony and Cuthbert Monastery

The rushing sound is the waterfall nearby.

2019 05 09 St Antony and St Cuthbert Monastery

A view from the front. The rushing sound is the waterfall nearby.

2019 05 05 What's that! He didn't knock? Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The Lord didn't ask permission to enter the room. ...

2019 05 02 Wildlife during the day.

Hare in St. Caedmon's Wood.

2019 05 01 Wildlife during the night.

Muntjac deer grooming last night. This in St. Caedmon's Wood at about 3.30am. (The date on the film is incorrect!) ...

2019 04 28 The Rocks Crack. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Cracking the rocks - opening the tomb! The Resurrection. Matthew 28: 1-20

2019 04 21 Mind your own business. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

You have a choice: Judas or Mary of Bethany. John 12: 1-18

2019 04 14 Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Orthodox Teaching Sermon

It's for them! Mark 10: 32-45

2019 04 07 Convulsing at the feet of Christ. Orthodox teaching sermon.

Coming to Christ can be a painful experience.

2019 03 31 The Throne of Grace. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The most beautiful throne of all. Hebrews 4:16.

2019 03 23 Still in bed? Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Get up, take your bed and go home. Mark 2: 1-12 Monastery: Parishes:

2019 03 17 Get growing Figs! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

What was Nathaniel doing under his fig tree? You need to do the same! John 1: 43-51.

2019 03 17 Sunday of Orthodoxy Procession

The Sunday of Orthodoxy Procession commemorates the return of the use of Iconography in Churches.

2019 03 16 Becoming Holier than God. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Don't try this on with God: He doesn't like it. Mark 2:23 - 3:5 2019 03 16 1st Sat in Lent.

20119 03 11 The Armour of Light! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Great Lent has begun: let us take this time seriously! Romans 13:11 - 14:4.

2019 02 26 Hare outside St. Melangell's Cell

St. Melangell is partly known for having sheltered a hare as it was being hunted. This hare has taken refuge in her valley here at the Monastery of St. Antony and ...

2019 02 22 Water, birds and trees at St. Antony and St. Cuthbert Monastery

A simply beautiful day here in this monastery. St. Melangell's valley.

Divine Liturgy: Only Begotten Son and Word of God, in English. Gatten Orthodox Monastery.

No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him” (John 1:18). Jesus Christ is that Only ...

2019 02 22 Dawn and Nature's Matins. Monastery of St. Antony and Cuthbert.

The view from St.Hilda's Cell. About 06:50 and the dawn chorus is breaking out.

2018 12 28 More Honourable than the Cherubim.

Hymn to the Theotokos. Sung towards the end of Vespers.

Christmas (Nativity) Troparion

Vespers at the Monastery of St Antony and St. Cuthbert.

2018 12 04 Orthodox Christian Monastery, England, U.K. Tour 1

From the front of St. Antony and Cuthbert to the Chapel. Stiperstones, Pontesbury, Shropshire. U.K.

Clothing your Soul. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

So forget about clothing you body - what about clothing your soul? 2018 06 17.

Taking Delight in Jesus. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Ode 4 Matins: Made one with You by love, And purely and sincerely taking delight in You, The company of Your saints dances the perpetual dance with the ...

Getting down with the Apostle Thomas. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

What would have happened had those who were great and grand in Jerusalem had done as the Apostle Thomas did (or before him St. John the Forerunner and ...

Matins Great Censing on "The Mother of Light..."

Matins censing.

Holy Cross. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Point out one thing in your house that will still be yours in 100 years from now. Mark 8: 34 - 9:1 2018 03 11.

Evangelism. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Sometimes you just have to get on with it (no matter how sceptical your audience). John 1: 43-51

Judgement! Orthodox Teaching Sermon

It is amazing how creative people can be: did you know that you can transform yourself into a goat or a sheep? Matthew 25: 31-46 2018 02 10.

The Camel goes through the eye of the needle! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Zacchaeus, the worst man in the worst town, does something unexpected. 2018 01 21 Luke 19: 1-10.

Mercy, Love, Life and Grace. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

On the Sunday when we remember so many killed in war let us see what the rule of God is like. Ephesians 2: 4-10 2017 11 12 Remembrance Sunday.

The Cedars of Lebanon. 2017

Psalm 93 (LXX) The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall ...

2017 07 23 Crying out! A lesson in prayer. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Those blind men knew how to use their lungs and they certainly knew how to pray. Matthew 9: 27-35.

2017 01 22 Repentance-Salvation: a practical matter. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Zacchaeus realised that his repentance needed to be grounded in his bank account.

2017 01 01 The Circumcision of Christ. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Luke (2: 20-21, 40-52) treats us to a meditation on the two natures of Jesus Christ: Fully God - Fully Man. So does St. Paul writing to the Colossians (2: 8-12).

English style Wedding Bells for Chris and Melangell. Badsey, Worcestershire22 10 2016

Chris and Melangell married this day in Badsey, Nr Evesham, Worcestershire. There was a team of really good bell ringers present.

2016 10 16 The Sower: Orthodox Christian Teaching Sermon

The Gospel seeds fell into every part of that field - and I'm every part of that field! Luke 8: 5-15.

2016 09 25 Fisher of Men. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Luke 5:1 - 11 The Apostle Peter's life changed from killing fish to saving people.

2016 09 18 God loves you. Orthodox Christian Teaching Sermon.

Orthodox Churches are full of beautiful Crosses. Want to know why? Sunday after the Holy Cross Galatians 2: 16-20, Mark 8: 34 - 9: 1.

2016 09 11 For God so Loved the World. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Christianity is about love. Galatians 6:11-18 John 3:13-17 Holy Cross.

2016 07 31 Gifts of the Spirit: not for you! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

St. Paul tells us to make use of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and in the Gospel we see an example of this in action. It is obvious though that there gifts are NOT for ...

2016 07 24 Intercession (Praying for others).Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Matthew 8:28 - 9:1 When you compare the account of the healing of the two men with demons, with the accounts on either side of this story, you will notice two ...

2016 07 16 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Wrath of God.

So what do you think God is like? Romans 5: 1-10.

2016 03 06 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Don't eat other people!

The Last Judgement: 1 Corinthians 8: 8 - 9:2, Matthew 25: 31 - 46 You might well be fasting from flesh but are you feasting on other people?

2016 02 28 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: The Prodigal

The father in this parable suffers a 50% loss but when God lost you both He and you suffered 100% loss. 1 Corinthians 6: 12-20 Luke 15 : 11-32 Prodigal Son.

2016 02 21 Orthodox Teaching Sermon Publican and Pharisee

2 Timothy 3:10-15, Luke 18: 10-14 Two people entered the Temple. One said "What a lucky God you are to have a follower like me!" The other said "What a lucky ...

2016 02 14 Orthodox Teaching Sermon The Canaanite Woman - how to pray

2 Corinthians 6:16 -7:1 & Matthew 15:21-28 She was possibly an idol worshipper but her persistence, love and humility and faith meant that her prayer was ...

2016 0207 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Grace - The Parable of the Talents

2 Corinthians 6:1-10, Matthew 25:14 -30 God gives each of us an immense amount to work with. Our task is to double the amount by trading and taking risks with ...

Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Be Thankful!

2016 01 17 Col 3:12-16, Luke 17:12-19 The Colossians became very proud of the new and smart teaching they had and the Lepers became overwhelmed by ...

2016 01 10 Because you are Baptised! Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Are you baptised? Are you hoping to be baptised? Then this is for you! Ephesians 4 7 13, Matthew 4 12 17.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon. The Invitation. Sunday of the Forefathers.

Luke 14: 16-24 So how did you spend the day?

2015 11 01 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Wealth

The Rich man had a poor man sitting outside his house. So do you. Luke 16:19-31, Galatians 6:11-18.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Love

Notice the number of times the Lord says "do". Love is a "doing" word" 2015 10 04 Luke 6:31-36 and 2 Corinthians 6: 16 - 7:1.

2015 09 29 Orthodox Teaching Sermon The Miraculous Catch of Fish

Luke 5: 1-11 The Apostles had been up all night and had achieved nothing. Then they cleaned and dried their nets. Then someone happened along the way ...

2015 09 20 Orthodox Teaching Sermon Sunday after the Exaltation of the Cross

Mark 8:34 -- 9:1 The Way of the Cross. God's Royal Priesthood.

2015 08 16 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Forgive!

THe Lord commands us to wipe away the debts that others owe us. Matthew 18: 23-35.

2015 08 09 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Your Vocation

The Laity of God is called to be the Royal Priesthood. So how might that be lived out? You need to become a world transformer!

2015 08 02 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Prayer

Matthew 14: 22-34 After Jesus Christ had had the 5000 men plus women and childen (a tenth of the population!) He dismissed the crowd and told the disciple to ...

2015 07 19 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Reading Scripture - The Bible.

St. Paul talks about reading the Scriptures. So do you? Matthew 9:27-35, Romans15:1-7.

01.03.2015 Sunday of Orthodoxy in Balamand. Procession of the Icons. Part 2.

The icon procession re-enters the monastery, goes through the court yardannd enters the church by the south door. The bishop is Bishop Qais Sadeq.

2015 01 18 Orthodox Teaching Sermon Sunday of the Ten Lepers Colossians 3 4 11, Luke 17 12 19

Living a thankful life means that you don't have the desire to live a passion filled life. Anger, wrath, jealously, and all the other things St. paul meantions become ...

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 10 05 Love Your Enemies 2 Cor 6v16 - 7 v1, Luke 6v 31 - 36

Love your enemies! How? Christ God commands us to do so so we must.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 09 14 Exaltation of the Holy Cross

The Cross is called "The Weapon of Peace". Weapons come in many forms but how is this one used? 1 Corinthians 1:18 24, John 19:6 35.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 08 31 Matthew 19 v16 26 One thing you Lack

"What thing must I do to inherit eternal life?" He asked. Jesus said "Follow me!" He didn't though.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 08 24 Forgive! Matthew 18: 23-35

So what is the Kingdom of heaven like? Do you belong to it? Well one of the ways you can tell is this: do you forgive others? Do you give up your rights to things?

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 08 10 Matthew 14: 22 - 34 Walking on Water

St. Peter stepped onto the waves to come to the Lord. Only when his attention was deflected did he sink. Even then the Lord caught him and brought him to ...

2014 08 06 Othodox Teaching Sermon The Transfiguration

You might not be able to climb a mountain but you can go into the lonely and arid regions of your "heart" and there find Jesus Transfigured. You have to come ...

Orthodox Sermon 2014 02 The Publican and the Pharisee Luke 18 10 14

Kontakion: Let us flee from the pride of the Pharisee! Let us learn humility from the Publican's tears! Let us cry to our Saviour: "Have mercy on us, O only merciful ...

Orthodox Sermon 2014 02 02 The Presentation Luke 2 20-40

A sword shall pierce your heart! Judgement will come but for those who are baptised into Christ and live a repentant life, who wait for his Satvation who await ...

Orthodox Sermon 2014 01 26 Zacchaeus Sunday Luke 19 1 10

Zacchaeus climbed up a treee to see the Lord. The Lord called him down and by the end of that day he was considerably less than half as rich, but he had ...

Orthodox Sermon 2014 01 19 Sunday of the Ten Lepers Luke 17 12 19

Ten men on the edge of society, religion, faith and the village. They have leprosy. They are counted as cursed. The Lord meets them and restores them. But only ...

2014 01 12 Sunday after Theophany Matthew 4 12 17 Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near!

Jesus began to preach by saying "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near". What is this repentance he is talking about? It is a lifelong activity of constant ...

Orthodox Sermon 2014 01 05 Sunday before Theophany Mark 1 1 8 John the Forerunner

At some point in life everyone finds themselves in a wilderness. It might be the wilderness of death, or depression, anxiety, war, natural disaster,illness, pain, ...

Orthodox Sermon 2103 12 29 After Nativity Matthew 2 13 23 St Joseph, Holy Innocents, Obedience

Matthew 2:13 - 23 Two types of obedience. Obedience is essential for a Christian but that obedience must be to Jesus Christ.

Orthodox Sermon 2013 12 22 Matthew 1 1 25 The Genealogy of Christ

There are 47 names mentioned in the Genealogy of the Lord in Matthew Ch 1. They are an oddd group of people - some wonderful some dreadful all interesting.

2013 12 16 Fr. Philip's Icon Corner. Orthodox Icon Corner, House Icons, Beautiful Corner.

Cameron asked me to do this as he was frustrated that I'm always in the way of it in these videos! As the house is not mine I cannot fix things to the wall in the ...

Orthodox Sermon 2013 12 15 Luke 14 16 24 The Banquet and the reluctant Guests

Everything is ready... God has done it all! The invitations are out and all that needs to be done is come and engage with the party. The geusts begin to make ...

Orthodox Sermon 2013 12 08 Luke 13 10 17 The woman with the 18 year infirmity

A woman in a Synagogue! And she is infirm! She must be a bad sinner.... who would want someone like that in church! Jesus would. (You might be that sinner of ...

Orthodox Sermon 2013 12 01 Luke 18 35 43 Luke 14 The Healing of the Blind man at Jericho Bartimaeus

Sorry that this is out of focus... never mind you can hear it anyway. A blind man sitting at the edge of town. He is marginalised but he is also the only one who ...

Orthodox Sermon 2013 11 24 Luke 18:18 27 The Rich Young Ruler

He was rich, young and powerful! "Go sell all you have and distribute to the poor and come follow me." said Jesus. What does He want you to sacrifice?

Orthodox Sermon 2013 11 17 Luke 12:16-21 Pentecost 21 Luke 9 The foolish rich man and his barns

A rich man forgets to live thankfully and share his prosperity with the poor and needy. God says to him "You fool!" So how many days do you have left and what ...

Orthodox Sermon 2013 11 10 Luke 10 25 31 The Good Samaritan

The lawyer asked "What must I do to inherit eternal life?" It was a trick question. He hoped to find something against the Lord but instead his understanding of ...

Orthodox Sermon 2013 11 3 Luke 16:19-31 The Rich Man and Lazarus

The fact that you are looking at this puts you with the rich of the world... but what about the "Lazaruses"? Where are they? Nearer than you think: they are thrown ...

Orthodox Sermon 2013 10 27 Luke 8 v14 56 Jairus daughter and the woman healed

12 years! One woman suffered terribly - her fertility had led to a life of misery. The other had just entered into fertility and died. The first reached out herr hand and ...

Orthodox Sermon - 2013 10 06 Luke 7v 1 16 The Widow of Nain's Son

Fr. Philip considers the raising of the widow of Nain's son.

Orthodox Divine Liturgy. The Anaphora of St. John Chrysostom. All Saints of Lincolnshire, Lincoln

The Thanksgiving-Offering Prayer of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. A litany and Lord's Prayer to the point of Communion. LN1 3TX 10am Divine ...

The Proskimide. Orthodox Divine Liturgy

The Preparation of the Bread and Wine. You'll hear psalms and prayers and images to do with the incarnation and crucifixion of Our Lord and God and Saviour ...

Orthodox Sermon 2013 09 29 Luke 6 v 31-36 Pentecost 14 Luke 2

LUKE 6v 35 But love your enemies... The Lord commanded us to love our enemies... but that is so hard. He commanded us to be compassionate (merciful).

Orthodox Sermon 2013 09 22 Luke 5 v 1-11. Pentecost 13. Luke 1

So you've spent the night fishing and caught nothing, you're busy washing the nets before drying them, you've pulled out all the rubbish (leaves, twigs etc.)

Orthodox Sermon 2013 09 08 Luke 10 & 11 Nativity of the Theotokos

Sorry about two things:the shaking at the end: Gus was rubbing himself against the tripod - naughty dog! This also made me lose my train of thought a bit.

Orthodox Sermon 2013 09 01 Luke 4: 16-22 Church New Year.

Fr. Philip considers the Orthodox Church New Year which starts on 1st September. This is commemorated with special prayers and the reading where Jesus ...

Faith, prayer, fasting: Move mountains

Lincolnshire is not full of mountains (perhaps St. Isaac the Syrian got here first!) but our lives ARE!

2010 9 26 St. John the Evangelist. The Mother of God.

The story of St. John and the Mother of God.

Archimandrite Philip

Orthodox Sermons, Pilgrimages, Orthodox Services, Orthodox Christian Events, Orthodox Conferences, Bible Study notes, and events in my life. Fr. Philip is an ...