2021 01 15 Ten at Ten. John 4: 39 - 45

When the Evangelist is no longer needed ... "push off Photini! We've seen Him for ourselves!"

2021 01 14 Ten at Ten John 4: 31 - 38

Doing and finishing (completing, perfecting, accomplishing) the work. See also John 17: 4, 23 & John 19: 28.

2021 01 13 Ten at Ten. John 4: 27 - 30

Evangelism - how to go about it. Christianity (nice!) and Churchianity (nasty!).

2021 01 12 Ten at Ten John 4: 19 - 26

Worship in Spirit and in Truth. No where but Whom.

2021 01 11 Ten at Ten. John 4: 13 - 19

A chiasmus in her life. In a moment her life is changed! From sarcasm to reverence. oυκ εχω ανδρα - ανδρα ουκ εχω.

2021.01.10 Divine Liturgy, Sunday After Theophany.

2021 01 10 It Starts with Repentance

and goes on to gifts. Ephesians 4: 7 - 13 Matthew 4: 12 - 17.

2020 01 08 Ten at Ten. John 4: 6 - 12

The Woman turns up at the well! (Her name is Photini or Svetlana or Claire - all the same name).

2021 01 07 Ten at Ten. John 4: 1- 6

Who baptized? Going to Samaria. Candle orders:

2021 01 07 Minus 6 Celsius at the Monastery this morning!

The Monastery, Gatten, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ.

2021 01 06 Ten at Ten. John 3: 35 -36

Beaver stream.

2021.01.06 Theophany Liturgy And Blessing Of Water

2021 01 05 Ten at Ten. John 3: 31 -34

The seal that God is True. The Monastery, Gatten, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ ENGLAND. U.K.

2921 01 05 Paramon Of theophany

Orthodox Monastery of St Cuthbert and St. Antony, Gatten, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ.

2021 01 04 Ten at Ten. John 3: 27 - 30

My joy is complete! η χαρα η εμη πεπληρωται.

2021.01.03 Sunday Before Theophany. Divine Liturgy in English.

All Saints of Lincolnshire Orthodox Church, St. Matthias Church Centre, Burton Road, Lincoln, LN1 3TX.

2021 Spriritual Athletics

Fighting the good fight, finishing the race, keeping the faith.

2021 01 01 Ten at Ten. John 3: 22 - 26

Oh oh! A new Rabbi in town! And He's baptizing too! Oh oh!

2020 12 31 Ten at Ten. John 3: 18 - 21

Those that are (continuously) believing. Active participation in the Grace of God.

2020 12 30 Ten at Ten. John 3: 15 - 17

15: So that everyone believing may have eternal life in Him. ἵνα πᾶς ὁ πιστεύων ἐν αὐτῷ ἔχῃ ζωὴν αἰώνιον. So much did ( or: In this way did) God love the ...

2020 12 29 Ten at Ten John 3: 13 - 15

The Existing Numbers 21 Lifted up.

2020 Christmas Day Liturgy All Saints of Lincolnshire, St. Matthias Church Centre, Burton Road, Lincoln. LN1 3TX Plenty of parking.

2020 12 22 Ten at Ten. John 3: 9 - 12

You the Teacher of Israel don't know this! OK then well let me teach you... ID 755 824 1717 Meeting: 6EFFj4 22nd 4pm GMT ...

Church Prepared for the Feast of the Nativity

God bless you for a Happy and Holy Feast! Merry Christmas!

The Stable is Ready - the People are Waiting.

The Church is prepared for the Feast of the Nativity.

2020 12 21 John 3: 1 - 9

Nicodemus doesn't have a chance to ask his question. 3: αμην αμην λεγω σοι εαν μη τις γεννηθη ανωθεν ου δυναται ιδειν την βασιλειαν του θεου 5: αμην αμην ...

2020,12,20 Divine Liturgy Sunday before the Nativity.

2020 12 20 Into the Real World

Now the Birth of Jesus Christ took place in this way: Matthew 1: 18.

2020 12 18 Ten at Ten. John 2: 23 - 24

Sign, Person(s), Trust, Believe. for the stuff I mentioned.

2020 12 17 Ten at Ten. John 2: 18 - 22

"Over three days I will raise it up."

2020 12 16 Ten at Ten. John 2: 13 - 17

Temple John The great Lamp John 1: Christ the Light The Temple John 2 The Sea for washing John 3 - 5 (all that baptism stuff) Show Bread John 6 Feeding the ...

2020 12 15 Ten at Ten. John 2: 5 - 11

It is all about down and up.

2020 12 14 Ten at Ten John 2: 1-4

The wedding in Cana in Galilee.

2920.12.13 Divine Liturgy

2020 12 13 Sermon: Christ who is our life ...

put to death what is earthly in you. Colossians 3: 4- 11 ...

2020 12 11 Ten at Ten. John 1: 47 - 51

An Israelite indeed in who there is no guile. Genesis 32: 22 - 32 The Fig tree: Micah 4, Zechariah 3. Ascending and descending: Genesis 28. Son of Man: Daniel ...

2020.12.10 Ten at Ten. John 1:40 - 46 Guest star! Buster!

Evangelism. Come and see!

2020 12 09 Ten at Ten. John 1: 35 - 39

The Lord turned. What do you seek? Rabbi where are you staying? v 39: λεγει αυτοις ερχεσθε και ιδετε ηλθον και ειδον που μενει και παρ αυτω εμειναν την ...

2020 12 08 Vigil for the Conception of the Theotokos

2020 12 08 Ten at Ten. John 1: 32 - 34

He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit.

2020 12 07 Ten at Ten. John 1: 29 - 31

The Lamb of God: Genesis 22: 1-19 Who takes away the sin of the world: Isaiah 53.

2020.12.06 Divine Liturgy, Lincoln, UK St Matthias Church Centre, Burton Road, Lincoln. LN1 3TX.

2020 12 06: Every Good Thing ... Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

to do His will. Hebrews 13: 17 - 21.

2020 12 05 St Savvas

2020 12 04 Ten at Ten John 1: 24 - 28

Five great answers to a rude question.

2020 12 04 Great Vespers St Savvas the Sanctified

Ninth Hour and Great Vespers.

2020 12 03 Ten at Ten. John 1: 19 - 23

The First of John the Baptist's witness: Isaiah 40: 1-11 "No: I am NOT the Easter Rabbit!"

2020 12 02 Ten at Ten. John 1: 15 - 18

Fullness Grace for grace και χαριν αντι χαριτος.

2020 12 01 Ten at Ten. John 1: 14:c d

Only Begotten. Full of Grace and Truth.

2020 11 30 Ten at Ten. John 1: 14 b

we beheld His glory ... (you can see my ghostly whiteness!)

2020.11.29 Matins and the Divine Liturgy

2020 11 29: Sermon: Prisoners

Prisoner of the world or a Prisoner in the Lord?

2029.11.29 Great Vespers

The Monastery, Pontesbury, Shropshire, SY5 0SJ

2010 11 27 Ten at Ten. John 1: 14a

Becoming flesh. Tenting with us.

2020 11 26 Ten at Ten. John 1: 12 - 13

Children of God! 12 οσοι δε ελαβον αυτον εδωκεν αυτοις εξουσιαν τεκνα θεου γενεσθαι τοις πιστευουσιν εις το ονομα αυτου 13 οι ουκ εξ αιματων ουδε εκ ...

2020 11 26 Sunrise and a band of thieves appear! The Monastery Chickens.

The naughty chickens are caught in the act of eating the cats' food.

2020 11 26 Monastery 08:10. Frosty Morning.

Featuring Roger and the Girls and the farmer moving his cattle.

2020 11 25 Ten at Ten. John 1: 9 - 11

The True Light.

2020 11 24 Ten at Ten. John 1: 7 - 8

Being a martyr: bearing witness. How do we bear witness? "ουτος ήλθεν εις μαρτυρίαν, ίνα μαρτυρηση περί του φωτός, ίνα πάντες πιστευσωσιν δι' αυτου."

2020 11 23 Ten at Ten. John 1: 6

There comes a person. Mentioned in the video: Fr. Michael Shanbour. This shows what a lovely man he is: ...

2020.11.22 Sunday Morning Matins and the Divine Liturgy Tone 7

The Monastery Gatten Pontesbury Shropshire. SY5 0SJ.

2020 11 21 Christ our Treasure

Do we keep Him to ourselves or join Him in breaking down the walls of separation?

2020.11.21 Great Vespers, Saturday Evening in Gatten Monastery.

2020 11 20 Feast of the Presentation at the monastery of St. Anthony and St Cuthbert, Shropshire.

9th Hour Great Vespers with Litia (artoklasia - breaking bread) Great Matins Divine Liturgy.

2020 11 20 Ten at Ten. John 1: 4 - 5

More and more about LIGHT! And then, quite suddenly, darkness. 4 εν αυτω ζωη ην και η ζωη ην το φως των ανθρωπων 5 και το φως εν τη σκοτια φαινει και η ...

2020 11 19 Ten at Ten. John 1: 4

St. John is intoxicated with Life! (and Light too!).

2020 11 17 Ten at Ten. John 1: 2 - 4a

Without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life.

2020 11 17 Ten at Ten. John 1: 1c

The missing "o" … which is not missing at all. και θεος ην ο λογος not: και o θεος ην ο λογος.

2020 11 16 Ten at Ten. John 1:1b

"Was" and "With".

2020.11.15 Matins and the Divine Liturgy

From the Monastery of St. Antony and St. Cuthbert, Pontesbury, Shropshire, England, SY5 0SJ.

2020 11 15 God Who is Rich in Mercy …

even when we were dead in trespasses … Ephesians 2: 4 - 10 Luke 10: 25 - 37.

2020 11 14 Hours and Great Vespers

St Anthony and Cuthbert Monastery Gatten Pontesbury Shrewsbury England SY5 0SJ.

2020 11 14 Apostle Philip Matins and Divine Liturgy

St. Anthony and Cuthbert Monastery, Gatten Shropshire England SY5 0SJ

2020 11 13 Ten at Ten. John 1: 1

In the beginning was the Word...

2020 11 12 Ten at Ten. Prologue to John: Genesis 1:1 - 2: 3

Mummy: Now then kids, go and ask Grandad for a bedtime story... Kids: Grandad, tell us the one about the beginning please! Grandad: Ok then, cuddle up to the ...

2020 11 12 Another view of a beautiful winter morning.

Gatten Monastery, Pontesbury, Shropshire, SY5 0SJ

2020 11 12: A beautiful early winter's morning.

St Antony and St. Cuthbert Monastery, Pontesbury, Shrewsbury, SY5 0SJ

2020 11 11 Ten at Ten. Mark 16: 19 - 20

Ascension, sitting down, sending out, working with.

2020 11 10 Ten at Ten. Mark 16: 14 - 18

A Divine upbraiding! A Divine Command!

Paraclesis, 7 Nov 2020

2020 11 09 Ten at Ten. Mark 16: 9 - 13

And then what? Someone likes tidy ends... no matter how bad you've been there is the possibility for you to experience the Resurrection. Our other site: ...

2020.11.08 Matins and the Divine Liturgy. Remembrance Sunday

Divine Liturgy from: The Monastery of St Antony and Cuthbert, Gatten, Shropshire, SY5 0SJ

2020 11 08 Through the Suffering of Death ...

He is crowned with glory and honour. Hebrews 2: 2 - 10, Luke 8: 41-56

Matins, Divine Liturgy 7 November Tone 5

2020.11.07 Great Vespers Tone 5

2020 11 06 Ten at Ten. Mark 16: 6 - 8

ἠγέρθη! ἐφοβοῦντο γάρ. Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life! Don't bother listen to the last ...

2020 11 05 Ten at Ten. Mark 16: 1-5

A youngster in white. Nothing sinister in the tomb. Pure joy.

2020 11 04 Ten at Ten. Mark 16:1

Love. Resting on the Sabbath.

2020 11 03 Ten at Ten. Mark 15: 42 - 47

The burial.

2020 11 02 Ten at Ten. Mark 15: 38 - 41

The centurion is astonished!

2020.11.01 Divine Liturgy At St. Matthias Church Centre, Burton Road, Lincoln LN1 3TX.

2020 11 01 The Dogs were Full of Love ...

but the Rich Man was not.

2020 10 31 Great Vespers

2020 10 30 Ten at Ten. Mark 15: 27 -37+

Darkness! Into the Darkness the Lord breathes out! Joel 2: 10, Zephaniah 1: 15, Zechariah 14: 6, Amos :9, Joel 2: 10 Psalm 21 (22), Genesis 2: 7, John 20: 22.

2020 10 29 Ten at Ten Mark 15: 22 - 26

The Tree of Life and its fruit are revealed.

2020 10 28 Ten at Ten. Mark 15: 16 -21

What undiluted fun those soldiers had. A great laugh. What fun! The solemn coronation and enthronement of God continues.

2020 10 27 Ten at Ten. Mark 15: 6 - 15

The Son of the Father The Son of (the) Mankind The crowd can take their pick...

2020 10 26 Ten at Ten. Mark 15: 1- 5

A trial quickly cobbled together. 1 Kingdoms 8 (= 1 Samuel 8) explains who the real King of the Jews is.

2020 10 26 Ten at Ten. Mark 15: 1-5

2020 10 25 Personal Experience

Tell them what God has done for you. Galatians 1: 11-19 Luke 8: 26 - 39.

2020 10 23 Ten at Ten. Mark 14: 66 - 72

"And having broken down, he began to weep deeply"

2020 10 21 Ten at Ten. Mark 14: 53 - 65

The crowning and enthronement of the King begins. Here He is recognised and anointed.

2020 10 20 Ten at Ten. Mark 14: 43 - 52

A kiss, laying on of hands, and running into the night.

2020 10 19 Ten at Ten. Mark 14: 32 - 42

The Horror intensifies. The Apostles sleep. Boredom in Church (this is a red herring!)

2020.10.18 Divine Liturgy Apostle Luke.

All Saints of Lincolnshire, St. Matthias Church Centre, Burton Road, Lincoln, U.K. LN1 3TX.

2020 10 18 Evangelism

Your duty: spread the Good News! Colossians 4: 5 - 18 Luke 10: 16 - 21.

2010 10 16 Ten at Ten. Mark 14: 26 -31

A tale of two roosters. Peter crows his loyalty... the rooster will crow his frailty.

2020 10 18 Evangelism

2020 10 15 Ten at Ten. Mark 14: 22 - 27

Something that cannot be changed is changed! The Lord becomes Bread. The Lord becomes Wine.

2020 10 14 Ten at Ten. Mark 14: 17 - 21

The party is spoiled! Rugrats Passover! Jewish Passover: This is a really heartwarming example.

2020 10 13 Ten at Ten. Mark 14: 12 - 16

The Miracle of the already-prepared-just-right-room.

2020 10 12 Ten at Ten Mark 14: 3 - 11

The two people mentioned in this passage could hardly be more different! Murmuring: (= criticizing, scolding, grumbling) Exodus 15: 24 & 16: 2 & 17: 3 Numbers ...

2020 10 11 Divine Liturgy.

All Saints of Lincolnshire, St. Matthias Church Centre, Burton Road, Lincoln. LN1 3TX

2020 10 09 What's Your Community Like?

Well that is up to you. Titus 3: 8 - 15 Luke 8: 5 - 15.

2020 10 09 Ten at Ten. Mark 14: 1-2

The Sacrifice is planned. The preparations made - but by Whom?

2020 10 08 Ten at Ten Mark 13: 32 - 37

The Lord says He doesn't know when the Parousia will take place ... what does He mean? Watch and Pray Genesis 22 John 21: 15ff.

2020 10 07 Ten at Ten Mark 13: 24 - 31

"But My words will by no means pass away." The Light of Christ, illuminating all, will cause the sun, the moon and the stars vanish in His light. Everything ...

2020 10 06 Ten at Ten. Mark 13: 14 - 23

The Abomination of Desolation.

2020 10 05 Ten at Ten Mark 13: 9-13

The Punchline arrives! In all this horrific calamity the Holy Spirit will let you open your mouth and prophetically you will speak of the Resurrection.

2020.10.04 Divine Liturgy

2020 10 04 Love Pray Forgive

Love your enemies... Luke 6: 31 - 36

2020 10 02 Ten at Ten Mark 13: 3 - 8

A Chiasmic answer (with the punchline in the middle [Thank you Fr. Thomas Hopko of blessed memory!]) Death, Destruction The beginnings of sorrows.

2020 10 01 Ten at Ten. Mark 13: 1-2

God leaves His Temple. Harking back to the Fig Tree (Mark 11:20 -21) The Temple has no purpose - it will go. You too are a Temple.

2020 09 30 Ten at Ten. Mark 12: 38 - 44

Beware of the scribes... (or of other clergy!) The Widow. The Swineherd of Stowe. The old Roman Port of ...

2020 09 28 Ten at Ten. Mark 12: 35 - 37

David's Son?

2020 09 28 Ten at Ten. Mark 12: 28-34

A Scribe comes with an honest question. The answers are found in Deuteronomy 6: 1-13 and Leviticus 19 :18.

2020.09.27 The Divine Liturgy.

The Divine Liturgy in Lincoln. All Saints of Lincolnshire Orthodox Christian Church, St. Matthias Church Centre, Burton Road, Lincoln LN1 3TX Liturgy 10am.

2020 09 26 Now is the Acceptable Time.

If Simon-Peter had decided to carry on fishing or Saul-Paul had turned to the Lord and gone home to make tents then where would we be? Luke 5: 1-11 2 ...

2020 09 26 A Windy Day in Gatten Orthodox Christian Monastery.

2020 09 26 Monastery some pictures from this morning

Looking round the Monastery.

2020.09.25 Ten at Ten. Mark 12: 18-27

Enter the Sadducees! A stupid question from people who are already dead.

2020 09 24 Ten at Ten. Mark 12: 13-17

Apart from Yam Yams: The icon of Caesar or the Icon of God? Give the icon of Caesar to Caesar and the Icon of God to God. You are the icon of God.

2020 09 23 Ten at Ten. Mark 12: 1-12

The Owner of the Vineyard is not best pleased. Psalm 117: 22-23 (Catholic Bibles 118: 22-23) The Stone the builders rejected.

2020 09 22 Ten at Ten. Mark 11: 26 - 33

The Chief Priests, the Scribes and the Elders have had enough...

2020 09 21 Ten at Ten. Mark 11: 20-25

Part 2 of the fig tree sandwich. The Lord Jesus Christ shows that He can, could and has every right to destroy His crucifiers. Instead he chooses to forgive.

2020 09 19 Just how much does God love you?

Take a look at the Cross. Galatians 2: 16-20 Mark 8: 34- 9:1.

2020 09 18 Ten at Ten Mark 11: 12 - 19

The leafy fig tree without fruit. The beautiful temple without fruit. The scribes and the chief priests without fruit.

2020 09 17 Ten at Ten. Mark 11:1-11

Riding on a colt. Every chance of it becoming a bucking bronco! But it doesn't misbehave. Psalm 117 (118 if you have a Roman Catholic or a Protestant Bible) ...

2020 09 16 Ten at Ten. Mark 10: 46 - 52

The Son of Timaeus won't let anyone get in his way. His prayer is loud and persistent! From not on the Way to on the Way, From not on the road to on the road, ...

2020 09 15 Ten at Ten Mark 10: 35 - 45 Part 2

James and John come with a question... Also: Ransom for many...

2020 09 15 Ten at Ten. Mark 10: 35 - 45 Part 1

Part 1 of 2: James and John come to ask a favour.

2020 09 14 Ten at Ten Mark 10: 32 - 34

Jerusalem On the Way Wonder, amazement, fear, anticipation. A DOUBLE betrayal. A prediction of the Resurrection.

2020.09.13 Sunday Before The Holy Cross. Liturgy.

The Divine Liturgy in English and Slavonic, All Saints of Lincolnshire Orthodox Church, St. Matthias Church Centre, Burton Road Roundabout, Lincoln, UK LN1 ...

2020 09 13 The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life.

Two trees stand in the Garden of Eden. Both have fruit. Sunday before the Feast of the Holy Cross Galatians 6: 11-18 John 3: 13-17 Genesis 2: 9.

2020 09 11 Ten at Ten. Mark 10: 23-31

The disciples are astonished with a great astonishment to find that riches are NOT a sign of blessing from God.

2020 09 10 Ten at Ten. Mark 10:17 - 22

A good question from a good lad. A great answer from God Himself who looks at the lad and loves him. The lad goes away sad and grieving at the answer as he ...

2020 09 09 Ten at Ten. Mark 10: 13 - 16

The women are vindicated! The Disciples are embarrassed! The Little Children have blessing called down upon them and the Lord God hugs them.

2020 09 08 Ten at Ten. Mark 10: 1-12

The Lord teaches the rabble but the Pharisees want to get Him into trouble with King Herod.

2020 09 07 Ten at Ten. Mark 9: 43 - 48

Hand, foot, eye, Salt, fire, hell, The Kingdom of God!

2020.09.06 Divine Liturgy.

Half way through the Internet failed.

2020 09 06 Like a Soldier.

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong. Let all you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16: 13-14.

2020 09 04 Ten at Ten. Mark 9: 38 - 41

Strange fire! Reward and punishment for Bkiftine and for Hamatoura monasteries ...

2020 09 03 Ten at Ten Mark 9: 30 - 37

All sorts of stuff! The first will be last and the last will be first. Diaconia. (Being a servant)

2020 09 02 Ten at Ten. Mark 9: 26 - 29

Coming to Christ CAN make you "feel" (and who should care about that?) much worse. Coming privately to Christ in prayer. Prayer + Fasting is about turning to ...

2020 09 01 Ten at Ten. Mark 9: 16-25

Faithless generation. Death and being resurrected.

2020 08 31 Ten at Ten. Mark 9: 14-15

Disputing or Running to the Lord.

2020 08 30 Divine Liturgy.

The Divine Liturgy (Covid-19 style!) in Lincoln, UK.

2020 08 30 The Good News

Why He died, the Resurrection, the appearances and the great gift He has for us. 1 Corinthians 15: 1-11 Matthew 19: 16 - 26.

2020 08 28 Ten at Ten. Mark 9: 9 - 13

Coming down the mountain... back to the ordinary ... back to problems. Elijah (=Elias) and Moses If you have a Protestant Bible read Malachi 4 if a Catholic or ...

2020.08.27 Ten at Ten. Mark 9: 1 - 8

Moses and Elijah (= Elias) A Theophany of God the Holy Trinity. Then it is all gone and life must continue.

2020.08.26 Ten at Ten. Mark 9:1- 2

Read also 2 Peter 1: 16-18 Metamorphosis - transfiguration.

2020 08 25 Ten at Ten. Mark 8: 34-38

A play on words: A soulbody. A bodysoul. Ripped apart. What is is worth? The cross: horror, disgust, cursed, degraded, dehumanised, disfigured, painful, ...

2020 08 24 Ten at Ten. Mark 8: 27 - 33

This must be read in the context of the previous section of the man who is healed in two stages. Stage 1: The Apostle Peter recognises that Jesus of Nazareth is ...

2020.08.23 Divine Liturgy In Lincoln

2020 08 23 Forgive those who harm you...

or face the consequences. Matthew 18: 23-35.

2020 08 21 Ten at Ten. Mark 8: 22-26

Interesting comparison between this miracle and the healing of Bar Timaeus. The disciples see something but not clearly. In time they will see clearly.

2020 08 20 Ten at Ten. Mark 8: 11-21

St. Bede: "Signs are NOT given to those who want to test God. Signs ARE given to those who seek God"

2020 08 19 Ten at Ten. Mark 8: 1-10

It can be a struggle to get to the Lord but when you do He heals and feeds. Please pray for Catalin, Graeme, and the newly departed Simon, for the wildfires in ...

2020 08 18 Ten at Ten. Mark 7: 30 - 37

The Creator has direct contact - skin to skin with the deaf man. They are all "knocked out" by what they witness and recognise this as an act of creation.

2020 08 17 Ten at Ten. Mark 7: 24 - 30

How to pray... Puppy dogs get the bread.

2020.08.16 Divine Liturgy Lincoln.

Sorry about the glare of light ... we will find the right solution in the end!

2020 08 16 Loving Kindness

The man came looking for loving kindness ... but he didn't get it from the disciples. Matthew 17: 14 - 23.

2020 08 14 Ten at Ten. Mark 7: 14 - 23

What goes in... What comes out... St. Mark says "all foods are clean."

2020 08 13 Ten at Ten Mark 7: 5-13

Isaiah 29: 13 - 24 is the background for this reading. The sick are healed but the arrogant, dishonest and lawless perish.

2020 08 12 Ten at Ten. Mark 7: 1- 5

Jovan is quite right: Acts 20: 35 ...remember the words of the Lord Jesus that he himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'” Tradition 1 Corinthians ...

2020.08.11 Ten at Ten. Mark 6: 53- 56

Running all over the plain to pass on the Good News that God was in their midst! He heals in their villages, their cities, their fields and in the AGORA (like a ...

2020 08 10 Ten at Ten. Mark 6: 45 - 52

Prayer A Theophany (Showing forth of God) Obedience I AM Hardened hearts.

2020 08 09 Divine Liturgy for the Sunday Feast of St Matthias.

Divine Liturgy in Lincoln. COVID-19 version! All Saints of Lincolnshire Orthodox Christian Church St Matthias Church Centre Lincoln, LN1 3TX.

2020 08 09 The storm about us

In a world that is crashing waves about us how should we be? 1 Corinthians 3: 9-17 Matthew 14: 22 - 34.

2020.08 07 Ten at Ten Mark 6: 36 - 43

The Messianic Banquet. Chaos to order. Symposiums and vegetable plots. The Divine Liturgy. Prosphora. The work of the Apostles.

2020 08 06 Ten at Ten. Mark 6: 33 - 35

1 Kings 22:17 Numbers 27:17 Ezekiel 34: 5-6 2 Kings 4: 42 - 44 All illuminate these verses. Sheep without a shepherd - judgement is being pronounced.

2020 08 05 Ten at Ten. Mark 6: 30 - 33

The Lord takes his apostles to rest but finds a huge, enthusiastic-for-salvation, crowd. The Apostles go with the Lord to find silence, space, rest, re-creation and ...

2020 08 04 Ten at Ten. Mark 6: 21 - 29

Satan turns up at the party and speaks through the mouth of the girl and her mother. Herod is so utterly out of control of himself that he falls in with Satan.

2020 08 03 Ten at Ten. Mark 6: 15-20

Whom can you marry? John protected... Herod confused. Herodias plotting. You may like to look a this list: ...

2020.08.02 Divine Liturgy

A sacrifice of praise.

2020 08 03 When and how God answers our prayers. Sermon

Prepare to sweat! Matthew 14: 13 - 21.

2020.08.01 Ninth Hour & Great Vespers.

It is nice to see that fewer people are watching - so they must be able to get to church. God bless you!

2020 07 31 Ten at Ten. Mark 6: 14

Herod, John the Baptizer, Links between John and the Lord. The Evil Eye!

2020 07 29 Ten at Ten. Mark 6: 7

He calls the Twelve to Himself. He Sends them out (Apostellein)... He Apostles them. They go in little communities of two, to love, to pray etc. They go with the ...

2020 07 28 Ten at Ten. Mark 6: 1- 6

O τέκτων: artisan, craftsman, builder, carpenter - is the creator of Heaven and Earth. (God!) The Son of Mary is just that: fully "man"... human. The God-Man goes ...

2020 07 27 Ten at Ten. Mark 5: 25 - 32

The woman creeps forward... The Lord stops... He has all the time in the universe...

2020.07.26 Sunday Divine Liturgy. From within the Altar Area. Tone 6.

Divine Liturgy.

2020 07 26 Who are you? Sermon

What is your identity? How does that affect you? Galatians 3: 26-29.

2020.07.26 Great Vespers from within the Altar area. Tone 6.

2020 07 24 Ten at Ten. Mark 5: 35 - 43

The child is dead. Hope has died. Enter the Lord... Death and resurrection. God of the Living.

2020 07 23 Ten at Ten. Mark 5: 21 - 24

A disordered crowd and a dying girl. An important man throws himself into the dust.

2020 07 22 Ten at Ten Mark 5: 14 - 20

The towns people come to see what has happened and they react with fear and pray to God to leave them. The man prays to come with God but He refuses ...

2020 07 21 Ten at Ten. Mark 5: 8 - 13

An army of demons who are doing battle - they declare war with their name. Individually they have no name - perhaps no "real" being? In icons they have no ...

2020 07 20 Ten at Ten. Mark 5: 6 - 9

The demons are tormented. They have no name.

2020 07 19 Night, Gt. Matins & Divine Liturgy.

2020 07 19 Light in the Darkness

Let your light so shine in the darkness of this world and all its cruelty and suffering. Titus 3: 8-15 Matthew 5: 14-19.

2020.07.18 Ninth Hour And Gt. Vespers. Fourth Ecumenical Council. Tone 5.

Saturday Evening Vespers for the Fourth Ecumenical Council.

2020 07 17 Ten at Ten Mark 5: 1 - 5

St. Mark begins to answer the question "Who can this be?" A man full of demons, screaming in the night and the day, out in the mountains and in the tombs, ...

2020 07 16 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 37-41

The Cross, the tomb and the Resurrection are all portrayed in this miracle.

2020 07 15 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 36 - 38

The Lord is in the boat ASLEEP! Doesn't He care? Well yes, He is in the boat isn't He? He has given them instructions hasn't He? They need to crack on and ...

2020 07 14 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 35 - 36

Darkness, chaos, insecurity begin this miracle... but where does it end? Clue: go to Genesis Ch1.

2020 07 13 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 30-34

The Parable of the Mustard Seed. The odd assortment of the then church will grow from utter insignificance to being impossible to overlook.

2020.07.12 Night, Matins, Liturgy. St Paisios.

The first feast day of this newly acclaimed saint. Holy Father Paisios pray to God for us! St. Antony and Cuthbert, Orthodox Christian Monastery, Gatten, ...

2020 07 12 Showing your Heart's Desire in Prayer.

How you pray shows what you desire in your heart. Romans 10: 1-10 Matthew 8: 28 - 9:1 Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

2020.07.11 Saturday Evening Ninth hour and Great Vespers (St. Paisios the Hagiorite) Tone 4.

St. Paisios was recently declared a saint. You'll also hear mention of St. Sophrony of Essex in the Ninth Hour. He too was recently declared.

2020 07 10 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 26-29

Another sower: the Kingdom of heaven is already sowed... it will grow and there is going to be a harvest. It cannot be hurried and it won't be slowed down but it ...

2020 07 09 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 21- 25

You'd better listen for the Lord will shine into every corner of you.

2020 07 08 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 13-20

The Lord is annoyed when the disciples and the Twelve do not understand. This is a feature in Mark: 6:52 7:18 8:17, 21,33 9: 10, 32 10:38 Think about the ...

2020 07 07 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 10-12

I mentioned Ernest Knight. You can see some of his pictures here (and even a lovely picture of him in his studio) and his sandwiches! .... here: ...

2020 07 05 Ten at Ten Mark 4: 3-9

The first Parable of Christ.

202.07.05 Matins and Divine Liturgy. Sunday , St Athanasios.

One of us was not well so we have only live streamed the last portion of Matins and the Divine Liturgy.

Good and Bad News, Virus, Protests, Division. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

The Gospel in a polarised world. Galatians 5: 22 - 6:2 Matthew 8: 5 - 13.

2020.07.04 Saturday Ninth Hour and Great Vespers.

St. Athanasios of Athos.

2020.07.03 Ten at Ten. Mark 3a

LISTEN! The Lord starts His teaching by using this word: therefore we need to pay attention to it.

2020 07 02 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 2b

He taught His teaching.

2020.07.01 Ten at Ten. Mark 4:2a

He taught them in Parables.

2020.06.30 Ten at Ten. Mark 4: 1

Same day. Big crowd A line of people - the circle is broken - the Church extends. The Lord sits down as God to teach. Course mentioned: ...

2020 06 26 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 31-35

Completing the circle. "His own", His family and the scribes are outside. You are inside and take your place in the "circle."

Great Vespers Apostles Peter & Paul

Our Patronal Festival. Great Vespers and Artoklasia.

2020.06.27 All Saints Of Lincolnshire & Worcestershire & Shrewsbury Sunday.

Midnight Hour, Matins and Divine Liturgy.

Hope, love and Personal Suffering. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

What is our response to personal suffering? Romans 5: 1-10, Matthew 6: 22-33 2020 06 28.

All Saints Of Lincolnshire & Worcestershire Gt Vespers

From the "Monstrosity"!

2020.06.26 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 31

The Brothers of the Lord. (I only overshot by 6 minutes and 30 seconds!) The Brotherhood of the Glorious Apostles Peter ...

2020 06 24 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 28-30

The unforgivable sin!

2020.06.24 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 22-27

The importance of Sym and Dia. Symbolical - diabolical. The attributes of God mean that He MUST heal. The attributes of the Evil one mean that he cannot heal.

2020.06.23 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 21

Taking Religious too seriously (I'm using "religion" here loosely before anyone complains at me!) With every good intent those who really love you can be a ...

2020 06 22 Ten at Ten Mark 3: 19-20

The Church was in one house and the people flocked to Him. Flocking towards and away.

2020 06 21 All Saints Of Britain. Night Office, Matins & Divine Liturgy.

Lots to do! And on top of that a virus! Busy right now.

The Apostles were busy people too with lots to do. 2020 06 21 Being called. Matthew 4: 18-23.

2020.06.20 All Saints Of Britain. Saturday Vespers

Britain has a really impressive number of Saints. This weekend we celebrate them all.

2020.06.19 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 16 -19a

Told you I wouldn't make v19b! Apostles: what was in it for them? Hello Loradine Osbourne!

2020 06 17 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 13b - 15

The Lord calls His Apostles and they come to Him. What about you?

2020.06.17 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 13a

Mountains! How REALLY important they are in the Scriptures. The Lord didn't go on the mountain for a picnic. This was something really new he was going to ...

2020 06 17 All Saints of Lincolnshire Orthodox Church

A photo tour of the Church and its Chapel. With certain modifications from normal due to COVID-19.

2020.06.16 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 7-12

The Pharisees depart but the crowds flock to Him from EVERYWHERE! The Pharisees "know" that they don't want Christ. The Crowd know that they need Him.

2020 06 15 Ten at Ten Mark 3: 5b - 6

One creates - the others destroy!

2020 06 14 Sunday Of All Saints.

Sunday of All Saints reminds us that we are also called to become holy.

Surrounded by a great cloud of Witnesses. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

All shapes and sizes, all colours and ages. Hebrews 11: 33 - 12:2 Matthew 10: 32-38 & 19: 27-30.

2020 06 14 Hour & Gt Vespers All Saints Sunday.

The Sunday after Pentecost we find out what Pentecost is for: making Saints...

2020 06 14 At St. Antony and St. Cuthbert Monastery. 5.45am

All Saints Sunday before the Liturgy.

2020.06.12 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 5a

Anger because He is grieved. How to be angry. St Humphrey (Onouphrius) the Great.

2020.06.11 Ten at Ten. Mark 3: 1-4

The man with the withered (right) hand. Right: his good side is withered (δεξιά in Greek from which we get dexterous - right, correct, works well, good). His good ...

2020.06.10 Ten at Ten. Mark 2: 26 Preparing to receive Holy Communion.

The Audacity of King David! And WE receive the Body and Blood of Christ. THE AUDACITY!!!!! But look again at the prayers of preparation: ...

2020.06.09 Ten at Ten. Mark 2: 23-28

The Model Tent of the Meeting: The Lord of the Sabbath is the One who created it. Thus the Lord Jesus claims ...

2020 06 08 Ten at Ten. Mark 2: 21-22

Mark 2: 21-22 When you put on Christ you must discard the old garment. When you accept the new wine you need a new skin. In becoming a Christian you need ...

2020.06.07 Kneeling Prayers. Pentecost.

Orthodox Christian Monastery of St Antony and St Cuthbert, Gatten Pontesbury Shropshire. England. U.K. SY5 0SJ

2020.06.07 Night, Matins & Divine Liturgy. Pentecost.

Orthodox Christian Monastery of St Antony and St Cuthbert, Gatten Pontesbury Shropshire. England. U.K. SY5 0SJ

Darkness, Dryness, Confusion and Pentecost.

In the time of a virus, wars, conflicts, bigotry, and confusion about the future, what is Pentecost to us? 2020 06 07 Pentecost.

2020 06 07: Hours And Gt. Vespers. Pentecost.

The Orthodox Christian Monastery of St. Antony ad St. Cuthbert, Gatten, Pontesbury, Shropshire, SY5 0SJ

2020.06.05 Ten at Ten. Mark 2: 20

God bless you Tim Stowe! Fasting is about LONGING for Christ. The Bridegroom goes and then we fast LONGING for him. Much the same with confession.

2020.06.04 Ten at Ten. Mark 2: 19

The Bridegroom Fasting and receiving Communion. Being worthy to receive. We have the Bridegroom with us during the Liturgy. So why don't people receive?

2020.06.03 Ten at Ten. Mark 2:18

So why doesn't the Lord fast?

2020.06.02 Ten at Ten. Mark 2: 14-17

Matthew rises - from his death! Like the paralytic he goes HOME! He feasts with God! He invites all the other sinners! The Church is there! And it is for BAD ...

2020.06.01 Ten at Ten. Mark 2: 13-14

Town - ruled Sea - unruly Crowd - unruly Teaches them - ruled Chaos to Order. Levi - appointed to money Matthew - Gift of/from God.

2020.05.31 Night, Matins & Divine Liturgy. Tone 6 Holy Father of the First Ecumenical Council.

Orthodox Christian Monastery of St. Antony and St. Cuthbert, Gatten, Pontesbury, Shrophsire , England. U.K. SY5 0SJ

2020 05 31 Eternal Life

This is Eternal Life: to know You the only true God.

2020.05.30 Ninth Hour & Gt. Vespers. Tone 6.

An Orthodox Christian Monastery. St. Antony and St. Cuthbert Monastery, Gatten, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ Services in English.

2020.05.29 Ten at Ten. Mark 2: 12

Good as dead. Carrying that which formerly carried him! Source of faith for the whole town. The Lord is SO humble that they don't glorify Him but God (His ...

2020 05 29 Evening walk through St. Caedmon's Wood and St. Melangell's Valley.

Starting by the Cross, past the Chickens (featuring Roger the Rooster) Through into St. Caedmon's Wood, past St. Seraphim's Cell, the veg garden, over the ...

2020.05.28 Ascension Night, Matins & Divine Liturgy.

It begins in the dark and slowly becomes light ( we start at 5am). Right at the very end you'll hear the festal bells if you listen really carefully! From the Orthodox ...

2020 05 28 Ascension Day

A walk from the main buildings past the pond to the marsh (very dry!) and into St. Columba's Wood and back to St. Helen's.

2020 05 27 Pascal Hour & Ascension Gt. Vespers

They looked upward into the sky... from which the Lord shall return. Pascal Ninth Hour, Great Vespers with Litia and Artoklasia.

2020.05.26 Ten at Ten Mark 2: 5-6

Faith Sin Forgiveness.

2020.05.25 Ten at Ten. Mark 2: 1-4

The Word (Jesus Christ) is preached. Intercession Sweat, ingenuity, determination. Can't get through the door, through the crowd, through the window so they ...

2020 05 24 Sunday Of The Blind Man Night, Matins, D. Liturgy

Orthodox Christian Monastery of St.s Antony and Cuthbert, Pontesbury, Shropshire, England, U.K.

Light and Darkness in the time of a Pandemic.

The blind man sat in darkness and met Christ. Silas and Paul sat chained in darkness and brought Christ into it. 2020 05 24 Sunday of the Blind Man: Acts 16: ...

Ninth Hour And Gt. Vespers. Sunday Of The Blind Man.

The man born blind was bathed in Light from the Light of the World. The Orthodox Christian Monastery of Saints Antony and Cuthbert.

2020.05.22 Ten at Ten. Mark 1:43-45

Compassion - anger touched cleansed. Christ is the work who spoke.

2020.05.20 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 40 - 41

The man who is an utter outcast comes and kneels before God.

2020.05.19. Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 36-39

Those with Simon try to tell the Lord what to do! Oooops! Proclaiming the Gospel (Christ Himself) and attending to the physical needs of the people. It is false to ...

2020.05.18 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 35

Cat and dog prayer!

2020.05.17 Night Hour, Matins, Divine Liturgy. Samaritan Woman.

The Samaritan Woman was in for a surprise that midday!

Dust, Water, Five Husbands, the current man and a Virus.

John 4: 5-42 Photini (Clare, Svetlana) came to the well and met God sitting in the dust. This was not what she was expecting. 2020 05 16 Photine.

2020.05.16 Ninth Hour & Gt. Vespers Samaritan Woman.

The Samaritan Woman came to find water and found God.

2020 05 15 Ten at Ten Mark 1: 33-34

Pressing against the door, Multicoloured problems, Multicoloured response.

2020.05.14 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 32

Saturday Evening (yes that means it is SUNDAY the first day of the week - Light and darkness) All in one place now! Catechumen class: ...

2020 05 13 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 29-31

Flat out, on fire, prayer! Woke her up, strength (Kratesas), fire sent away, service.

2020 05 13 Mid Pentecost at Gatten Monastery

Hristos a inviat! Nicoleta asked for this! Here you are! God bless you!

2020 05 13 Monastery at 4:30am. Mid-feast of Pentecost.

Beautiful birdsong and Roger the cockerel on the way to Chapel.

2020.05.12 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 27-28

Course: The rest are being added weekly. Flabbergasted.

2020.05.11 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 25-26

From Chaos to order...

A Tiny Virus and a Paralysed World.

Patience and a concentration on Jesus Christ. Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Acts 9: 32-42, John 5: 1-15 2020 05 10.

2020 05 09 Ninth Hour & Gt. Vespers Within The Altar.

The Man who was paralysed for 38 years!

2020.05.08 Ten at Ten: Mark 1: 23 - 24

The first clash in the Gospel. The Holy One of God and a demon meet.

2020.05.07 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 21-22

The Lord and his team (a little Church!) go to the Synagogue where He teaches with authority.

2020.05.06 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 19-20

What's in a name (or six)? Jesus, Simon (Peter), Andrew, James, John, Zebedee.

2020.05.05 Ten at Ten: Mark 1: 17

Fishers of people...

2020.05.04 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 16-18

Walking along the edge of the sea = walking along the edge of the land.

2020.05.03 Sunday Of The Myrrh Bearing Women.

The Divine Liturgy (This was the cantor's first attempt.)

Myrrhbearing Women: The virus and the procession of the women.

At the very lowest point in their lives everything was changed. 2020 05 03 Mark 16:1-8.

2020.05.02 Ninth Hour And Great Vespers.

The Women Disciples came early in the morning of the first day of the week to anoint the Lord's body with spices.

01 05 2020 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 14-15

Not live streaming today as the Internet is either not working - or the other one is VERY slow. So I'm taking my chances on this one! Christ is risen!

30.04.2020 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 12-13

Terrible Buffering I'm sorry to say! However, I'm going to try and keep it "live". The course I mentioned is "Introduction to Orthodoxy": ...

29.04.29 Ten at Ten. Mark 1:11

Mark 1: 11 The voice of God the Father from the ripped open Heaven.

28.04 2020 Ten at Ten. Mark 1: 9-10

Thomas Sunday: The Breath of God!

On the First Day of the Week the Lord breathed (again) on his people... 2020 04 26 Thomas Sunday. John 20: 19-31 (particularly v22)

2020 O4 25 Pascal Ninth Hour And Thomas Sunday Vespers

Thomas Sunday Great Vespers (i.e. Saturday Evening)

24.04.2020 Ten at Ten. Mark 1:5-6

Live streamed Bible Study.

23.04.2020 Ten at Ten. Mark 1:4

22.04 2020 Ten at Ten Mark 1: 1-3

Live Streamed Bible Study Mark 1: 1-3.

21.04.2020 Ten at Ten. Mark 1:1

Bible Study. The Gospel of Mark. Mark 1: 1.

20.04 2020 Ten at Ten

An Introduction!

Paschal Vespers Of Love. Easter Day Evening 2020

Evening comes and with joy, vigour and love we celebrate again (and so on for 40 days!) Christ is risen!

2020 Pascha from the Monastery of St. Anthony and St. Cuthbert.

Yes it is dark to begin with. Very dark. Into this darkness comes the light. The more flickering flames the lighter it becomes. The world is dark: into this darkness ...

Pascha: The Light in the Darkness.

2020 04 19 Pascha. In the darkness the Light shines out! The gloom, doom and horrors of the virus, wars, famine, disease, economic problems, poverty etc. are ...

The Harrowing Of Hell Liturgy.

The First Liturgy of Pascha! The Earthquake Service (without an earthquake as naughty Gabby wasn't here!)

Good Friday Royal Hours.

All the Hours, one after the other, with lots added and many readings - meditations on the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Twelve Passion Gospels

The Gospels take us through the period of the Passion up to the Burial of Christ.

The Lord's Supper Vesperal Divine Liturgy.

The morning (!) Vesperal Divine Liturgy for The Lord's Supper (Maundy Thursday).

Unction Service Wednesday Evening

This service sees the blessing of the Holy Oil of Unction. With this those who are physically or spiritually ill may be anointed during the year. It is only allowed for ...

Tuesday Evening Bridegroom Service.

On Tuesday Evening we remember the anointing of the Lord's feet by the sinful woman. Unknowingly she does so for His burial.

Tuesday Evening Bridegroom Service. 2020 04 15

On Tuesday Evening we remember the anointing of the Lord's feet by the sinful woman. Unknowingly she does so for His burial.

Monday Evening Bridegroom Service. 5pm

On Monday in Great and Holy week the Orthodox serve (in the evening) a Matins service which anticipates the next day. ...

Sunday Evening Bridegroom Service. 2020 04 12 5pm

On Sunday Evening we serve the Bridegroom Service... this is actually Matins! Everything gets tipped upside down in Great and Holy Week. The Monastery of St.

Palm Sunday Night, Matins And Divine Liturgy.

The morning services and the Divine Liturgy from The Monastery of St. Antony and St. Cuthbert, Pontesbury, Shrewsbury, England. SY5 0SJ ...

Muntjac in St Pega's Wood

The Monastery, Pontesbury, Shropshire. Just below the Stiperstones.

202004 12 Evil, The Virus and Palm Sunday

Does this Virus disprove the existence or presence of God? Philippians 4: 4-9, John 12:1-18.

2020 04 11 Lazarus Saturday Morning: Night Office, Matins and Divine Liturgy.

HOLY WEEK AND PASCHA LIVE-STREAMED FROM THE MONASTERY: 11 April Lazarus Saturday 5pm Great Vespers. 12 April Palm Sunday. 7.30am: Night ...

2020 04 11 The Monastery on St Lazarus Saturday 14:40

From the pond. St. Guthlac's Island (it is his feast today too).

Sunday Morning: Midnight Office, Matins & The Divine Liturgy. Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt.

The Sunday morning services for the Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt.

Death. 2020 04 05

Can you drink of this Cup? Can you be baptised with this Baptism? Mark 10: 32 - 45.

Monastery After Great Vespers

Ninth Hour and Great Vespers for the Sunday of St Mary Of Egypt.

From the Monastery of St Anthony and Cuthbert, Pontesbury, SY5 0SJ U.K.

Midnight Office Matins And The Divine Liturgy.

Pre-Communion Prayers followed by a moment of quiet and then the Midnight Office, Matins and the Divine Liturgy. You may think it is rather long. It is longer ...

Certainty in a Time of Uncertainty: Living with the Virus. 2020 03 29

Hebrews 6:13-20 St. Paul talks about certainty in a time of uncertainty. He says "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul ... ". He was not alone: ...

Ninth Hour And Great Vespers. Sunday Of St. John Climacus.

2020 03 28 Ninth Hour and Great Vespers from the Monastery of St. Anthony and Cuthbert, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ ...

Annunciation: Midnight Office, Matins and Divine Liturgy.

Midnight Office, Matins and Divine Liturgy. Happy Feast! Starts in the dark! Next Live Stream will be at 5pm on Saturday ...

The Annunciation. Hours And Great Vespers With Artoklasia.

Ninth Hour and Great Vespers with Artoklasia for the Annunciation. Monastery of St Anthony and St Cuthbert, Pontesbury, Shropshire, SY5 0SJ U.K. ...

Night Office and Matins and the Divine Liturgy Liturgy in English. Holy Cross Sunday.

Sunday of the Procession of the Holy Cross. Matins at about 20 minutes Procession of the Cross (a relic of the Cross) at about 2 hrs 30 min Divine Liturgy at ...

The Virus and the Throne of Grace. 2020 03 22 Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Be of good cheer! A nasty virus is sweeping the world... what is our reaction? Hebrews 4: 14 - 5:6 Mark 8: 34- 9:1 We will do the same for 25 March. 24th: Great ...

Evening Prayers for the Veneration of the Holy Cross. Orthodox Monastery 2020 03 21

Ninth Hour and Great Vespers. (Great Vespers about 11 minutes in...)

Test In The Chapel For The Sunday Livestream at about 10am Liturgy, Midnight Office etc. from 7am.

I can see an obvious problem here!

New Test

2020 03 19 Ninth Hour and Vespers

This is a tester for other live streaming during this Virus problem. God bless you!

testing 3

Just testing so don't embarrass me by watching!

Testing for later


Struggling through... Orthodox Teaching Sermon

The Christian life is not easy ... but the Lord can make you stand. Mark 2: 1-12.

The Image and Likeness of God. John 1:43-51

Who did you look down on today? John 1:43-51 (I'm trying out new "Thumbnails" Please let me know what you think. They are different because it has been said ...

Forgive! Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Look into your heart. You may well find grudges that you hang on to because they're your treasures. Forgive! 2020 03 01 Matthew 6:14 -21.

Judgement Day.

The moment arrives when one stands before the Lord. Are you a sheep or a goat? Is your heart bursting with love or not? Orthodox Teaching Sermon. 2020 02 ...

2020 02 16 The Prodigal Son. Luke 15: 11-32 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

There are two feasts in this parable: one organised by the son and another by the father.

2020 02 09 The Pharisee and Publican. Luke 18:10-14. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

God is the god of the repentant.

2020 02 02 Your Death. Luke 2: 22-40 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Although you may look forward to your own death with fear and trembling remember the witness of St. Simeon: Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, ...

2020 01 26 Do Not Neglect the Gift you Have. 1 Timothy 4: 9-15 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Timothy was a skilled reader, preacher and teacher. St Paul told him to devote himself to his gifts. What about your gifts?

2020 02 09 The Pharisee and Publican. Luke 18:10-14. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

God is the god of the repentant.

2020 02 02 Your Death. Luke 2: 22-40 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Although you may look forward to your own death with fear and trembling remember the witness of St. Simeon: Lord, now let your servant depart in peace, ...

2020 01 26 Do Not Neglect the Gift you Have. 1 Timothy 4: 9-15 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Timothy was a skilled reader, preacher and teacher. St Paul told him to devote himself to his gifts. What about your gifts?

2020 01 19 Christ who is our Life... Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Colossians 3: 4-11 , Luke 17: 12 - 19

Our sins and passions make us Leprous. With Christ as our Life we are healed of all this and turn to Him in praise and thanksgiving.

2020 01 12 Being and Telling the Truth. Matthew 4: 12-17 Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

John the Forerunner told the Truth and the Lord is the Truth.

2020 01 05 Fulfill your Ministry. 2 Timothy 4: 5-8 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Paul reminds St. Timothy of the ministry we all have to fulfill.

2019 12 29 Christ the Career Wrecker! Galatians 1:11-19, Matthew 2:13 - 23 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

You want a nice secure, well paid career? Listen on...

2019 12 25 Christ is Born! Matthew 2: 1-12, Galatians 4: 4-7 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

That we may receive adoption... an heir of God through Christ!

2019 12 22 Ephratha, prepare thyself. Matthew 1: 1-25 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

THE FOREFEAST OF THE NATIVITY Be thou ready, Bethlehem, Eden hath opened unto all. Ephratha, prepare thyself, for now, behold, the Tree of Life hath ...

2019 12 15 Ashamed of Christ? Orthodox Teaching Sermon 1 Timothy 1:8-14

The destroyer of death. 1 Timothy 1:8-14.

2019 12 The Orthodox Christian Church in Lincoln

This is a tour of an Orthodox Church. It is a basic tour. I will make others for those who want to know what each bit is for another time. Your prayers! God bless ...

2019 12 08 Breaking the rules Luke 13: 10-17 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

There is always someone who knows exactly how to live the Christian life and has encyclopaedic knowledge of the minutiae of everything (including the ...

2012 When God turns round. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Shut up or scream louder? That was the choice. Ephesians 2: 14-22 Luke 18: 35-43

2019 11 17 When God says "You fool!"

What are you doing with the wealth that God had given you?

2019 11 10 How much does God love you then?

Love God with all your heart, all your soul and with all your strength and your neighbour as is he was you... how?

2019 10 27 Fed by God.

The Lord directs that the previously dead child be fed something to eat. We also need to be fed.

2019 10 20 The Lord turns your life upside down.

When the Lord turns your life upside down you have two choices: be resurrected or tell Him to go away. Luke 8: 26-39 ...

2019 10 06 Receiving the Grace of God in Vain

Don't relax: strive forward and fly with the Grace of God.

2019 09 29 Love your enemies? You're kidding! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

But if you do love your enemies you will be a son or daughter of the Most High. Luke 6: 31-36

2019 09 15 Because He loves you. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

God loves loves you: that's why He did it. Galatians 2: 16-20.

2019 09 01 Dangerous stuff. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

So how are you doing? Preaching? Healing? Releasing captives? Giving sight? Setting the oppressed free? Luke 4: 16-22 ...

2019 08 25 Storm in the head? Bring him here to me!

The young lad is brought to the Lord and the storm in his head is calmed.

2019 08 11 Everyday Missionary. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The Apostles came to the Lord to ask Him to solve the situation. He turned the problem back on them! Matthew 14: 14 -22 ...

2019 08 04 Here, there, everywhere. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

There is lots of movement in the Gospel. Matthew 9: 27- 35.

2019 07 28 Spiritual Gifts. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

God has given us all Spiritual Gifts! So use them! Romans 12: 6-14.

2019 July Monastery: Muntjac Buck

In St. Columba's Wood, The Monastery, Pontesbury, Shropshire. SY5 0SJ

2019 07 21 So Close

He is in your mouth and in your heart. Romans 10: 1 - 10.

2019 07 14 Slavery. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

What sort of slave are you?. Romans 6: 18-23 Matthew 8: 5-13.

2019 07 07 Ambition. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Matthew 6: 22-33 Orthodox Monastery, Gatten, Pontesbury, Shropshire. U.K. All Saints of Lincolnshire, ...

2019 06 23 Your turn! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Crucified, skinned alive, boiled to death, ridiculed. Your turn! Matthew 10: 32-38, 19:27-30.

2019 06 16 Everywhere present. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The Holy Spirit.

2019 06 09 What's the point? Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

All this stuff! What's the point of it all? John 17: 1-13

2019 06 02 No Eyes? No Problem!

Recent weeks have seen the healing of soul and body, the healing of soul and now the healing of body. What happened next in each case? So what about you?

2019 05 26 Running into Town. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Astonished by what she finds out she cannot wait to tell others. So what do we do?

St Melangell's Valley, St. Antony and Cuthbert Monastery

The rushing sound is the waterfall nearby.

2019 05 02 Wildlife during the day.

Hare in St. Caedmon's Wood.

2019 05 01 Wildlife during the night.

Muntjac deer grooming last night. This in St. Caedmon's Wood at about 3.30am. (The date on the film is incorrect!) ...

2019 04 28 The Rocks Crack. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Cracking the rocks - opening the tomb! The Resurrection. Matthew 28: 1-20

2019 04 21 Mind your own business. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

You have a choice: Judas or Mary of Bethany. John 12: 1-18

2019 04 07 Convulsing at the feet of Christ. Orthodox teaching sermon.

Coming to Christ can be a painful experience.

2019 03 31 The Throne of Grace. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The most beautiful throne of all. Hebrews 4:16.

2019 03 23 Still in bed? Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Get up, take your bed and go home. Mark 2: 1-12 Monastery: Parishes:

2019 03 17 Get growing Figs! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

What was Nathaniel doing under his fig tree? You need to do the same! John 1: 43-51.

2019 03 17 Sunday of Orthodoxy Procession

The Sunday of Orthodoxy Procession commemorates the return of the use of Iconography in Churches.

2019 03 16 Becoming Holier than God. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Don't try this on with God: He doesn't like it. Mark 2:23 - 3:5 2019 03 16 1st Sat in Lent.

2019 02 26 Hare outside St. Melangell's Cell

St. Melangell is partly known for having sheltered a hare as it was being hunted. This hare has taken refuge in her valley here at the Monastery of St. Antony and ...

2019 02 22 Water, birds and trees at St. Antony and St. Cuthbert Monastery

A simply beautiful day here in this monastery. St. Melangell's valley.

Divine Liturgy: Only Begotten Son and Word of God, in English. Gatten Orthodox Monastery.

No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him” (John 1:18). Jesus Christ is that Only ...

2018 12 28 More Honourable than the Cherubim.

Hymn to the Theotokos. Sung towards the end of Vespers.

Christmas (Nativity) Troparion

Vespers at the Monastery of St Antony and St. Cuthbert.

2018 12 10 Monastery Tour 4 St. Melangell's Cell

St. Melangell's cell (pronounced Melengeth) is built over a small stream the sound of which fills the air. Good for a short stay but built as a permanent home it is a ...

2018 12 10 Monastery Tour 3 St. Columba's Cell

Overlooking a marshy area this cell is quite capable of being lived in full time but may be just what you need for a quiet day or week or two.

2018 12 04 Monastery Tour 2

Starting in the Refectory and going outside so you can what is where.

2018 12 04 Orthodox Christian Monastery, England, U.K. Tour 1

From the front of St. Antony and Cuthbert to the Chapel. Stiperstones, Pontesbury, Shropshire. U.K.

2018 07 All Saints of Lincolnshire Temple

A quick tour round the Church of All Saints of Lincolnshire, Burton Road, Lincoln, U.K. LN1 3TX.

Spiritual Experiences. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

You want a Spiritual Experience? Romans 12: 6-14.

Clothing your Soul. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

So forget about clothing you body - what about clothing your soul? 2018 06 17.

Follow me! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Jesus Christ has followers. Matthew 4: 18-23 2018 06 10.

Taking Delight in Jesus. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Ode 4 Matins: Made one with You by love, And purely and sincerely taking delight in You, The company of Your saints dances the perpetual dance with the ...

Written on your grave stone... Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

"Here lies a miserable pious old bag..." or "I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do." John 17: 4 2018 05 20.

Together. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

God won't, you can't. Together He will and you are made able. John 5: 1-15 2018 04 29.

Matins Great Censing on "The Mother of Light..."

Matins censing.

Rejoice! Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Rejoice? The Archangel tells Mary that God intends to turn her life upside down and inside out! Then he goes away! Rejoice? 2018 03 25 Luke 1: 24 -38.

Now THAT hurt! Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Faith, prayer and fasting each strengthen the other two ... but don't expect it to be painless. 2018 03 18 Mark 9: 17-31

Holy Cross. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Point out one thing in your house that will still be yours in 100 years from now. Mark 8: 34 - 9:1 2018 03 11.

Body and Blood. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

In case you have doubts and are reasoning in your heart. Mark 2: 1-12

Evangelism. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Sometimes you just have to get on with it (no matter how sceptical your audience). John 1: 43-51

The Bible

St Paul writes to his spiritual child St. Timothy about his studying of the Holy Scriptures. 2 Timothy 3:10-15 2018 01 25.

The Man with no Name. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

What if you had everything but no one could remember your name? What if you had nothing but God knows who you are? One day we will each have nothing.

The Cedars of Lebanon. 2017

Psalm 93 (LXX) The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall ...

Storks over Batroumine, Lebanon 2017 Oct 15th

Storks gaining height as they prepare to fly on to Egypt from Lebanon.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon. God has you!

Strip away all that is filthy of flesh and spirit. 2 Corinthians 6 16 7 1 2017 10 01.

2017 08 21 All that remains of the Monastery of Bardney, Lincolnshire

Holy Martyrs of Bardney Pray to God for us!

2017 08 13 The Morning after the (Transfiguration) Night before. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

So what had the other nine Apostles been getting up to?

2017 08 06 Being Transfigured Orthodox Teaching Sermon

The Apostle Peter witnessed the Transfiguration and wanted it to stay there but God the Father had other plans. 2 Peter 1 : 10-19, Matthew 17: 1-9.

2017 07 02 Life or death? Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

In the old prison in Lincoln, England, it says "The Wages of Sin is Death!" That's much less than half the story. Romans 6:18-23, Matthew 8:5-13.

2017 06 05 Pentecost. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Streams of Living Water, giving Glory to Christ. Acts 2 :1-11, John 7:37-52.

2017 05 25 Ascension. Orthodox Teaching Sermon

St. Luke shows us that the Lord is real - not imagined - flesh and bones, the disciples can handle him and he can eat with them. Acts 1: 1-12, Luke 24: 36-53.

2017 05 23 This I know... Orthodox Teaching Sermon

Sunday of the Blind man: he didn't know much but he told them what he knew anyway. John 9:1-38.

2017 04 02 Uphill struggle, confused, afraid, alone ... The Apostles were. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Mark 10: 32-45: The disciples were following the Lord, but he had gone on up ahead. They were heading for Jerusalem where bad things awaited them.

2017 03 12 Act Now! Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

The Paralysed man's friends didn't hesitate to bring him to the feet of the Saviour. Don't hesitate to bring yourself to Him either. Don't neglect so great a salvation.

2016 12 05 The Nativity of the Lord and the Birth of Muhammad celebrated in the same courtyard.

Ain't that a find! So Yah-boo to those that think that religious people of different sorts cannot get along with each other. A joyful and blessed Nativity of Christ and ...

2016 12 05 El-Mina. Magnificent electrical wiring.

Could anything be more poetic? It is like a street sculpture.

2016 11 27 Does God want to ZAP you? Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

Ephesians 2:4-10 Please notice how positive this message is (not like so many so called Evangelists of the modern era). Repent and then get on and do some ...

2016 11 13 Ordination Sermon by Metropolitan Silouan

The Metropolitan preaches at the ordination of Fr. Paulinus.

2016 11 16: Ordination of Fr. Paulinus - Great Entrance.

Metropolitan Silouan ordains Fr. Paulinus. All Saints of Lincolnshire, Lincoln.

2016 10 22 Melangell and Chris have their wedding.

Melangell and Chris take to the dance floor for their wedding.

English style Wedding Bells for Chris and Melangell. Badsey, Worcestershire22 10 2016

Chris and Melangell married this day in Badsey, Nr Evesham, Worcestershire. There was a team of really good bell ringers present.

2016 10 16 The Sower: Orthodox Christian Teaching Sermon

The Gospel seeds fell into every part of that field - and I'm every part of that field! Luke 8: 5-15.

2016 10 09 Now is the Accepted time. Orthodox Christian Sermon

When is the best time to be saved? NOW! 2 Corinthians 6: 1-10, Luke 7: 11-16.

2016 10 02 The Light. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

2 Corinthians 4: 6 - 15. Let that great dark void in you be filled with Light.

2016 09 18 God loves you. Orthodox Christian Teaching Sermon.

Orthodox Churches are full of beautiful Crosses. Want to know why? Sunday after the Holy Cross Galatians 2: 16-20, Mark 8: 34 - 9: 1.

2016 08 28 Moving Mountains. Orthodox Teaching Sermon.

How great is your faith? Smaller than a poppy seed? Then bring the problem to The Lord and God and Saviour Jesus Christ and He and you can move all sorts ...

2016 08 21 Fearful or Faithful? Orthodox Teaching Sermon

In both of these Gospels St. Peter gets out of the boat. Would you? Matthew 14:22-34, John 21:7.

Prayer: Five Loaves & Two Fish: More on Prayer. 2016 08 14: Orthodox Teaching Sermon

The problem was thousands of hungry people. The disciples brought them to the Lord in prayer and had their own solution which was: "Send them away!

2016 07 16 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Wrath of God.

So what do you think God is like? Romans 5: 1-10.

2016 05 16 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. The Body and the Blood of Christ.

St. Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus go to Pilate and ask for the Bloodied Body of the Lord. Acts 6:1-7, Mark 15: 43 - 6:8.

2015 05 08 Thomas Sunday. Metropolitan Silouan proclaims the Gospel to the faithful.

Christ is risen! There is quite a lot of noise in the background from the children (but who wouldn't want that?) and it is a little quiet but if you couldn't be here this ...

2016 04 17 A Ransom for Many. Fifth Sunday of Great Lent. St. Mary of Egypt.

How close can you get to the moon this afternoon? Hebrews 9:11-14, Mark 8:27-31. 5th of Gt. Lent: St Mary of Egypt.

2016 03 27 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: 2nd Sunday in Lent. Struggling yet?

St. Paul reminds us to concentrate on those things that will last for ever. Mark's Gospel today shows us that we have to work hard to come to the feet of Christ.

2016 03 06 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Don't eat other people!

The Last Judgement: 1 Corinthians 8: 8 - 9:2, Matthew 25: 31 - 46 You might well be fasting from flesh but are you feasting on other people?

2016 02 28 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: The Prodigal

The father in this parable suffers a 50% loss but when God lost you both He and you suffered 100% loss. 1 Corinthians 6: 12-20 Luke 15 : 11-32 Prodigal Son.

2016 02 14 Orthodox Teaching Sermon The Canaanite Woman - how to pray

2 Corinthians 6:16 -7:1 & Matthew 15:21-28 She was possibly an idol worshipper but her persistence, love and humility and faith meant that her prayer was ...

2016 0207 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Grace - The Parable of the Talents

2 Corinthians 6:1-10, Matthew 25:14 -30 God gives each of us an immense amount to work with. Our task is to double the amount by trading and taking risks with ...

Orthodox Teaching Sermon. The Invitation. Sunday of the Forefathers.

Luke 14: 16-24 So how did you spend the day?

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2015 12 06 St Nicholas

St. Nicholas. So what is it to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God Luke 6: 17-23, Hebrews 13: 17-21.

2015 10 25 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: In Christ

In Christ and not in Christ... St Paul and the one formerly called Legion give us some ideas. Luke 8:26-39, Galatians 2:16-20.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Love

Notice the number of times the Lord says "do". Love is a "doing" word" 2015 10 04 Luke 6:31-36 and 2 Corinthians 6: 16 - 7:1.

2015 09 29 Orthodox Teaching Sermon The Miraculous Catch of Fish

Luke 5: 1-11 The Apostles had been up all night and had achieved nothing. Then they cleaned and dried their nets. Then someone happened along the way ...

2015 08 30 Orthodox Teaching Sermon A Soldier of Christ!

1 Corinthians 16 13 24 Watch, be steadfast in the Faith, be brave, be strong. Let everything you do be done in love.

2015 08 23 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. The Gospel - The Resurrection.

1 Corinthians 15: 1-11 So what is at the heart of the Gospel? Did the Resurrection happen?

2015 08 09 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Your Vocation

The Laity of God is called to be the Royal Priesthood. So how might that be lived out? You need to become a world transformer!

2015 08 02 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: Prayer

Matthew 14: 22-34 After Jesus Christ had had the 5000 men plus women and childen (a tenth of the population!) He dismissed the crowd and told the disciple to ...

2015 07 26 Orthodox Teaching Sermon: A Tale of Two Banquets.

There were two banquets mentioned in Matthew 14. The first was Herod's, the second was hosted by The Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew 14: 1- 22.

2015 07 19 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Reading Scripture - The Bible.

St. Paul talks about reading the Scriptures. So do you? Matthew 9:27-35, Romans15:1-7.

2015 07 05 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Go Away!

The Two Demonaics were healed by the Lord but the local people asked the Lord to depart from their region. You also maight be very tempted to ask the Lord to ...

2015 05 10 Orthodox Teaching Sermon The Samaritan Woman

Photini was going about her daily business - probably things had been going wrong (otherwise why would she be there at such a hot time of day?).

2015 04 12 Orthodox Church Paschal Great Entrance. Christ is risen!

Christ is risen! The Great Entrance, We take the Bread and wine to be consecrated to the Holy Table through the Faithful. It will become the Body and Blood of ...

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2015 03 29 Servant-Slave of All. Fifth Sunday of Great Lent.

The Apostles James and John came with an outrageous question! It's as if they'd learned nothing at all from their time with the Lord. So He sets abouut teaching ...

01.03.2015 Sunday of Orthodoxy in Balamand. Procession of the Icons. Part 2.

The icon procession re-enters the monastery, goes through the court yardannd enters the church by the south door. The bishop is Bishop Qais Sadeq.

2015 03 12 Thursday Great Compline from Balamand Patriarchal Monastery

Archimandrite Jacques Khalil censes the Monastery Church during Great Compline. I was there during Great Lent. The Choir is made up of students and others ...

2015 02 22 Orthodox Teaching Sermon Cheesefare Sunday - The Fast of Lent

Romans 13 v11 14v4, Matthew 6 v14 21 Pray, forgive, fast, give alms, dont judge others.

2015 02 15 Orthodox Teaching Sermon. Last Judgement 1 Cor 8 v8 - 9v2, Matt 25 v31- 46

What is the quality of your love?

2015 02 08 Orthodox Teaching Sermon Prodigal Son 1 Cor 6 v12 20, Lk 15 v11 32

Christ unites Himself to us in Baptism, Chrismation, Holy Communion (and all the other sacraments) and in prayer. He does so usig our physical bodies. So keep ...

2015 01 18 Orthodox Teaching Sermon Sunday of the Ten Lepers Colossians 3 4 11, Luke 17 12 19

Living a thankful life means that you don't have the desire to live a passion filled life. Anger, wrath, jealously, and all the other things St. paul meantions become ...

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2015 01 04 2 Timothy 4 v5 8, Mark 1 v1 8 Sunday before Theophany

The Apostle Paul tells Timothy to fulfil his ministry (his "diaconia"). That ministry was as an evangelist - someone who carries the Good News. All the Royal ...

Setting fire to a Christmas Pudding 2015 01 01

Lovely glugging sound from the brandy bottle first!

2014 12 21 Orthodox Teaching Sermon Sunday before the Nativity Heb 11:9-11,32-40, Matt 1: 1-25

That to which the prophets and martyrs of the Old Testament looked forward is yours for the having.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 12 14 Colossians 3 v 4 11, Luke 24 v 12 35 Excuses

You've been invited to a party... most important event you'll ever attend but you've chosen not to go!

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 10 05 Love Your Enemies 2 Cor 6v16 - 7 v1, Luke 6v 31 - 36

Love your enemies! How? Christ God commands us to do so so we must.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 08 31 Matthew 19 v16 26 One thing you Lack

"What thing must I do to inherit eternal life?" He asked. Jesus said "Follow me!" He didn't though.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 08 15 Dormition Phil 2 5 11 Luke 10 38 42, 11 27 28

Humility, obedience, listening and keeping.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 08 10 Matthew 14: 22 - 34 Walking on Water

St. Peter stepped onto the waves to come to the Lord. Only when his attention was deflected did he sink. Even then the Lord caught him and brought him to ...

2014 08 06 Othodox Teaching Sermon The Transfiguration

You might not be able to climb a mountain but you can go into the lonely and arid regions of your "heart" and there find Jesus Transfigured. You have to come ...

Feeding the 5000 Orthodox Teaching Sermon

"You feed them!" " We only have these fish and those loaves" "Bring them to me!" Same message to you. The Lord has commanded us to feed the multitude and ...

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 07 27 Pentecost 7 Matthew 9 27 35 Body or Soul

The Lord healed two Blind men and then he cast out a demon from a man who was dumb! So the blind men's bodies were healed and the Dumb man's sould ...

2014 06 25 Great Vespers. Balamand Monastery. On Lord I have Cried

Opening great Vespers for the Balamand Conference.

2014 06 25 Great Vespers, Balamand Monastery, Lebanon

The opening Vespers of the Antiochial Conference 2014.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 07 20 Pentecost 6 Matthew 9 1 8 The forgiveness of the Paralysed man

Three groups rub up against God: the Gergesenes, who tell Him to go. The paralytic's friends who come to Him and Apostle Matthew who follows Him. All three ...

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 06 22 Pentecost 2 Matthew 4 18 23 Call of the first Apostles

When the Lord calls you - respond quickly and fully - He might not ask you again! Live the faith to the full, attach yourself to Christ and become a fisher of men.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 06 08 Pentecost Sunday John 7 37 52, 8 12

O heavenly King, O Comforter, the Spirit of truth, who art in all places and fillest all things; Treasury of good things and Giver of life: Come and dwell in us and ...

2014 05 St Bertram's Cave in Ilam, Staffordshire, U.K.

St. Bertram of Ilam's cave in Ilam. A place now of peace and beauty but once a place of wolves, blood and a dead mother and her newborn child.

Orthodox Teaching Sermon 2014 05 25 Sunday of the Blind Man John 9 1 38

Acts 16:16-34 and John 9:1-38. If you are a Christian you'll have to fight hell every day in a war that appears unending and you'll suffer because of it. Sometimes ...

2014 05 04 Orthodox Teaching Sermon Myrrhbearers, Joseph of Aramathea, Nicodemus Mark 15v42 16v8

What a lot they risked! The men going to the centre of power and the women going whilst it was still dark! They went as it was their duty, to correct injustice, ...

Orthodox Sermon 2014 04 13 Palm Sunday. God, a donkey and a man John 12 1 18

Which would you rather be? A donkey or a man?

Orthodox Sermon 2014 03 09 1st Sunday of Lent John 1: 43-51 The calling of Nathaniel (Bartholomew)

Nathaniel may have been promised that he would see heaven open and the Angels ascending and decending on the Son of Man but he wasn't promised a fun ...

Orthodox Sermon 2014 02 16 The Prodigal Son Luke 15 11 32

Two sons. One has a fine time and ends up with nothing but learns a lot. The other stays at home but has learned nothing but owns the whole farm.

Orthodox Sermon 2014 02 The Publican and the Pharisee Luke 18 10 14

Kontakion: Let us flee from the pride of the Pharisee! Let us learn humility from the Publican's tears! Let us cry to our Saviour: "Have mercy on us, O only merciful ...

Orthodox Sermon 2014 01 26 Zacchaeus Sunday Luke 19 1 10

Zacchaeus climbed up a treee to see the Lord. The Lord called him down and by the end of that day he was considerably less than half as rich, but he had ...

Orthodox Sermon 2014 01 05 Sunday before Theophany Mark 1 1 8 John the Forerunner

At some point in life everyone finds themselves in a wilderness. It might be the wilderness of death, or depression, anxiety, war, natural disaster,illness, pain, ...

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