We have started a new group – ‘Chips and Chat’. The group meets on Mondays at 6:30pm in the Narthex. Details below:


Most Mondays (have a look at the Calendar), 6.30pm start.


In the Narthex (which is where we have breakfast after the Liturgy).

Who can come?

This is aimed at adults (that is 18years and above– no upper limit) – anyone who would find it useful.

What is it for?

It is to help us all learn more about Orthodox Christianity.

What is its style?

It is relaxed, informal, chatty, inclusive, non -academic.

What subjects does it cover?

Anything at all. We have had a brief look at prayer and baptism, behaviour in church, church administration and history, so far but the agenda is set by those who come.

What is eaten?

We’ve been having chip butties (chip sandwiches) washed down with tea or coffee as these are simple and adds to the informal atmosphere.

What happens?

From 6pm onwards people come to the Church, at 6.30 we say the Lord’s Prayer and bless the food and, whilst eating, begin to explore the theme for the evening.

What does it cost?