Our Church Warden

Eleni has traveled a lot!  Born in Cyprus, she moved to England at the age of nine.  As a teenager, she moved to Norway, where she met her future husband, who worked for the UN.  She returned with her husband to England after their marriage, and lived in Wiltshire on the glorious Salisbury Plain.  In the late 1960’s she moved to Germany, where her husband had been posted, and then back to the UK a couple of years later.  In the early 1970’s, she moved to Germany again, and lived and worked there until returning to Engand and retiring to the East Midlands in the mid 1980’s.  Phew!

“Retirement” is not a concept that Eleni recognises.  As well as being a member of the Barnardo’s National Council for Aftercare, she is also extremely active in the voluntary sector, and is involved in several local voluntary and charitable organisations. Part of Eleni’s voluntary work is that of Prison Visitor, something which she has been doing for several years.  In her spare time (she assures me that she has some), Eleni enjoys the company of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  She enjoys singing, gardening and tapestry.

Eleni has been Senior Warden of the Orthodox Christian Community of All Saints of Lincolnshire since its inception in 2004.  She says that her principal jobs as a warden are: to ensure that the temple and community centre are kept in good order, to look after the vestments used by the clergy, to marshall the army of cleaners (and there is always room for someone else to help with keeping St Matthias’ Church Centre clean and tidy!), and to ensure that anyone who needs to speak to a priest is introduced to Fr Philip or Fr George.