The Annual Pan-Orthodox Pilgrimage to the Shrine of St Bertram

The first Saturday of August each year sees the Pan-Orthodox pilgrimage to the shrine of St Bertram. The shrine is still intact, as King Henry VIII’s men couldn’t find the secluded village of Ilam in Staffordshire where the church can be visited.

Bertram was King of Mercia sometime around the 8th century. He is said to have traveled to Ireland in order to discern his feeling of having a religious calling. However, when he arrived in Ireland he fell in love and eloped with a beautiful princess who he brought back to Mercia with him while she was pregnant with his child. They lived a nomadic life with the baby being said to have been born in the shelter of the forest near to present day Stafford. Tragically, whilst Bertram was away hunting for food for them, some wolves came upon their camp killing both his beloved wife and their infant child…

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Holy Bertram Pray to God for Us!

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